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When Mr. Soren and Mr. Koda Win

Posted: December 24, 2009 in News, Politics
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With every election result declared we analyse reasons for wins and defeats. Jharkhand verdict has yet again presented a picture which we try to put aside every time and that is, we haven’t yet recognised the reasons of getting a government that none of us wish for. We still fail to see our reflection in the governance that we get.
Why someone’s inflammatory speech which is blamed for inciting communal fury brings a parliamentary seat for him and why somebody’s visit to a dalit home is highlighted. We blame media for creating heroes and villain out of their own whims. Journalism is about providing news without element of their personal opinions. Rather provide news and let everyone have their own interpretation. To extend their boundaries journalists can try to bring out more facts rather than assigning labels to individuals and groups. Journalists are shocked to hear that fellow journalists tarnished journalism ethics by concocting news. And I am wondering if this is the first time they got to know this! Thankfully they saw it at least this time. But most of us don’t see our follies even once. Every system in our society reflects a part of us.
We are different. Is this a problem? If so, then creating exact replicas/clones is the solution. But let’s confine this solution only for humans as only we get offended with our differences! We have forgotten how these differences bring beauty, makes life worthy and colourful. Our problem lies in rifts and conflicts caused by not respecting those differences. We fail to see binding force and whine about what pulls us apart, without realising what actually does. If we’ve to remove any difference then we better remove the one that’s lying between us.
Why people vote for Mr. Soren even after proven guilty? Why even after charges of corruption Mr. Koda doesn’t have to loose his sleep over loosing people’s trust? They both know that it’s not the trust on them as an individual but as a part of certain community that do wonders. We say they play divisive politics. But the truth is they merely project our already existing rifts. It’s difficult to acknowledge. So let the next election come and let another set of Mr. Soren and Mr. Koda win.
Fractured mandate implies fault-lines not within politicians or political parties but these are fault-lines between us. It is not about different opinions vis-à-vis various issues and development. Instead it is about our biases, prejudices, selfishness, insecurities and short-sightedness. We find solace in factions for petty gains and its ferocity increases with every denial of our own demons and pointing them some where else. Factionalism become priority and fight for basic necessities take back-seat. Corruption and crime don’t bother us but which faction one belongs to becomes important in making our decisions.
We hate politicians because they know us well. They know our weaknesses, our fears, our indifference, our ignorance and our temptations. They use this knowledge and lure us to get to the power. If they don’t do so we don’t let them win. They deserve it because we make them deserving and we get what we deserve.
For a change, can’t we decide to shed our temptations, ignorance, indifference, fears and weaknesses? Can’t we recall our strength, outgrow our divisions and become socially and politically vigilant to whatever degree we can? Every degree and it’s every fraction counts!


An all-party meeting is convened and there’s a strict instruction not to deviate from the proposed agenda. We politicians must prepare ourselves to lead people in this much-changed and ever-changing scenario of modern times. So agenda of today’s meeting is proposal for an Examination Board for the assessment of one’s aptitude and capabilities as a politician.

Three months back there was a news story about Japanese Gang bosses introducing written tests in crime for their subordinates since the Anti-organised Crime Law was revised an year back, making group’s leader responsible for the actions of street-level members. With economic downturn and increasing pressure from several quarters Gang bosses decided to prepare their subordinates to deliver efficiently in present circumstances.

If those people who are labelled criminals can do so, why can’t us? After all there’s just a difference of disguise!

Those who aspire to be people’s leader and earn their respect rather than munching money and grabbing power will agree that our credentials need some sort of approval. And those who still feel that politics is not just about leadership and responsibilities but power and opulence are integral part of it need this approval even more as there is much at stake for them to loose!

Issues that we need to address in this regard are:

1. Constitution of an Independent Board: It isn’t a matter of concern as independence or freedom can never be absolute!

2. Powers of the Examination Board:

(a)    Setting of Eligibility Criteria: No controversial basis will be included as what will be the use of this whole exercise if it tarnishes our image further.

(b)   Syllabus: This clearly indicates that we need to seek and attain knowledge. Can’t we get those things included we are expert in!

(c)    Type of Exams: Take-home papers appear to be more popular. Oral exams too seem to be a desirable option as improvement of grades can be sought during and even after the exams. Open-book exams are fine too especially with our secretaries allowed just to look for the books. This way we’ll get the training on how to make our secretaries work efficiently. There can be task-based exams but wouldn’t it reveal much about us if case-studies of real political situations are presented with?

(d)   Qualifying standards: Some flexibility has to be introduced to accommodate more of our capable but busy leaders.

(e)   Duration of Exams: Flexi-timings are must. When assemblies and parliament couldn’t bind us how can the Board encroach this liberty.

3. Expenses of the Examination Board: We had always been generous and will continue to be so!

4. Dissolution of the Examination Board: The power lies with us!

For further up-gradation of the proposal your valuable suggestions are welcomed and eagerly awaited.

Choose Not to Love Anybody or Anything

Posted: December 14, 2009 in Thoughts
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Love demands. It demands improvement, it demands enhancement of positive traits, it calls for goodness and all this demands lots of efforts. And this holds true for all things, be it small or vast, alive or a notion. When I can easily divert my attention to someone or something that isn’t as demanding, it’s too natural to drift towards that. After all there is promise of eternal bliss after much toil and pain on one hand and instant gratifications with efforts that doesn’t seem like efforts. So choice is too apparent.

Still there are times when I fall in love with myself and during that period I have to take care of my well-being, be it emotional, spiritual or mental. My psyche and physique have to be worked upon towards perfection. I have to try to be a good human being. I am peaceful in that state and fall deeper in love with myself. Everything appears blissful. But one day this harmony gets diluted. That is when I need discipline, perseverance and will-power to restore it. But it’s hard to come. I get restless, more so when I acknowledge yet don’t do anything towards it. To escape this anxiety I choose not to acknowledge the chaos, instead I find excuse for it. With so much chaos in and around it’s absurd to fight against it.

It’s so much easier to sit around and get into discussions on various issues that prop up now and then rather than finding out where the problem lies. Loving this world will change “This World” to “My World” and this belongingness brings responsibilities that scare me away. When discussions give pleasure especially in sarcasm what’s the point in pondering over solution-hunting. Still I can suggest endless ways to mend things and some of them are really big and brilliant ideas. But those little steps towards betterment demand constant vigil on my actions. Every time I step out, I have to put lights off. I can’t leave taps running. I have to take food in right measures so that it doesn’t end in trash bin. I have to work towards clean and hygienic surroundings. I have to stand against those who have corrupting effects on our society and our resources. I have to use our resources with care. And all that means I have to work towards optimization and better efficiency. Temptation to ignore the fact that “collective impact of little steps taken by individuals is much bigger than giant treads that are often talked about and seldom taken” lies in its convenience. Big steps generally costs exorbitant with higher risk of failure while small ones mostly cut your expanses and are very much in your reach, but who can deny momentary convenience almost always outweighs long-lasting one.

But I wish to be loved though choose not to love. I wish this world to be a better place but refusing to work by excusing myself with imaginary condition of “had it been like this”.

If I accept “what it is” rather than being in illusionary world, I’ll belong to this world – my world, where I’ll work for its betterment.

Those who are religious, advocates that people follow righteous path because of it and there are others who see only evil inflicted through it or at least in its name. I belong to the lot who are swinging for quite a while to know their religious identity separate from what our birth has bestowed upon us.

Religion revolves around one’s belief or what one follows. If you go back in history of origin and growth of any and every religion, they have one thing in common, that is acceptance of a belief and its successful propagation by unquestioning believers.

Unquestioning believers are like lovers who see world in their beloved and their deeds are governed by their love.

I personally would like myself to be a die hard romantic as being in love is about giving unconditionally, strength to bear severest of pain without doubting your beloved and trusting him completely. But this virtue lies within a simple soul and with all the complexities running across my mind space, I start questioning and along comes never-seizing doubts. Nothing wrong with that except that I am at times left with yearning of simplicity that makes it easier to love, which I believe makes you a better person if it truly is love!

So where are the ills that we often talk about? It lies in the love or belief in this case turning into obsession. When our mind questions, instead of finding answers we force it to believe as by set norms doubts mean lack of faith. So to put those doubts to rest, instead of believing we start proving our beliefs and in doing so we begin to force them. This gives rise to comparisons, thus insecurities and the zeal to prove our beliefs more forcefully. With this vicious cycle, begins the race to establish supremacy that replaces belief and its visible manifestations are all those ills that we face in the name of religion.

Since there is no subsiding of our obsession in sight we need to discover an alternative to religion so as to ease our guilt and to put all the blame upon. What that alternative will be and how will it work with the human psyche in place needs an imaginative mind and charismatic personality. Imaginative as it’s supposed to be a discovery and charismatic as he has to make others believe in that alternative… so the same catch begins again!!!

Else, we can try with letting ourselves doubt. Love is more about accepting the beloved or your belief. In quest of clearing doubts, understanding grows and so does your love and belief.

I choose to question myself and my beliefs.