Without Religion Where Shall We Place Blame of Our Ills?

Posted: December 9, 2009 in Society, Thoughts
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Those who are religious, advocates that people follow righteous path because of it and there are others who see only evil inflicted through it or at least in its name. I belong to the lot who are swinging for quite a while to know their religious identity separate from what our birth has bestowed upon us.

Religion revolves around one’s belief or what one follows. If you go back in history of origin and growth of any and every religion, they have one thing in common, that is acceptance of a belief and its successful propagation by unquestioning believers.

Unquestioning believers are like lovers who see world in their beloved and their deeds are governed by their love.

I personally would like myself to be a die hard romantic as being in love is about giving unconditionally, strength to bear severest of pain without doubting your beloved and trusting him completely. But this virtue lies within a simple soul and with all the complexities running across my mind space, I start questioning and along comes never-seizing doubts. Nothing wrong with that except that I am at times left with yearning of simplicity that makes it easier to love, which I believe makes you a better person if it truly is love!

So where are the ills that we often talk about? It lies in the love or belief in this case turning into obsession. When our mind questions, instead of finding answers we force it to believe as by set norms doubts mean lack of faith. So to put those doubts to rest, instead of believing we start proving our beliefs and in doing so we begin to force them. This gives rise to comparisons, thus insecurities and the zeal to prove our beliefs more forcefully. With this vicious cycle, begins the race to establish supremacy that replaces belief and its visible manifestations are all those ills that we face in the name of religion.

Since there is no subsiding of our obsession in sight we need to discover an alternative to religion so as to ease our guilt and to put all the blame upon. What that alternative will be and how will it work with the human psyche in place needs an imaginative mind and charismatic personality. Imaginative as it’s supposed to be a discovery and charismatic as he has to make others believe in that alternative… so the same catch begins again!!!

Else, we can try with letting ourselves doubt. Love is more about accepting the beloved or your belief. In quest of clearing doubts, understanding grows and so does your love and belief.

I choose to question myself and my beliefs.

  1. Anjul says:

    I believe we need an alternative only if we cant be objective about our beliefs and be responsible for our own actions. Being humans…doubts are as natural as the ticking of the clock. If we don’t face them…i believe we would continue to find a scapegoat for our actions. Religion is the most common one as it binds a vast majority of people together with the same belief system..

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