“Minister, Experience the Examination Fever”

Posted: December 20, 2009 in Politics

An all-party meeting is convened and there’s a strict instruction not to deviate from the proposed agenda. We politicians must prepare ourselves to lead people in this much-changed and ever-changing scenario of modern times. So agenda of today’s meeting is proposal for an Examination Board for the assessment of one’s aptitude and capabilities as a politician.

Three months back there was a news story about Japanese Gang bosses introducing written tests in crime for their subordinates since the Anti-organised Crime Law was revised an year back, making group’s leader responsible for the actions of street-level members. With economic downturn and increasing pressure from several quarters Gang bosses decided to prepare their subordinates to deliver efficiently in present circumstances.

If those people who are labelled criminals can do so, why can’t us? After all there’s just a difference of disguise!

Those who aspire to be people’s leader and earn their respect rather than munching money and grabbing power will agree that our credentials need some sort of approval. And those who still feel that politics is not just about leadership and responsibilities but power and opulence are integral part of it need this approval even more as there is much at stake for them to loose!

Issues that we need to address in this regard are:

1. Constitution of an Independent Board: It isn’t a matter of concern as independence or freedom can never be absolute!

2. Powers of the Examination Board:

(a)    Setting of Eligibility Criteria: No controversial basis will be included as what will be the use of this whole exercise if it tarnishes our image further.

(b)   Syllabus: This clearly indicates that we need to seek and attain knowledge. Can’t we get those things included we are expert in!

(c)    Type of Exams: Take-home papers appear to be more popular. Oral exams too seem to be a desirable option as improvement of grades can be sought during and even after the exams. Open-book exams are fine too especially with our secretaries allowed just to look for the books. This way we’ll get the training on how to make our secretaries work efficiently. There can be task-based exams but wouldn’t it reveal much about us if case-studies of real political situations are presented with?

(d)   Qualifying standards: Some flexibility has to be introduced to accommodate more of our capable but busy leaders.

(e)   Duration of Exams: Flexi-timings are must. When assemblies and parliament couldn’t bind us how can the Board encroach this liberty.

3. Expenses of the Examination Board: We had always been generous and will continue to be so!

4. Dissolution of the Examination Board: The power lies with us!

For further up-gradation of the proposal your valuable suggestions are welcomed and eagerly awaited.

  1. anjul2307 says:

    Nice peice….Wish we had the examinations for these current batch of politicians….And I can safely bet…the percentage of politicians clearing these exams would be under 15%.

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