When Mr. Soren and Mr. Koda Win

Posted: December 24, 2009 in News, Politics
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With every election result declared we analyse reasons for wins and defeats. Jharkhand verdict has yet again presented a picture which we try to put aside every time and that is, we haven’t yet recognised the reasons of getting a government that none of us wish for. We still fail to see our reflection in the governance that we get.
Why someone’s inflammatory speech which is blamed for inciting communal fury brings a parliamentary seat for him and why somebody’s visit to a dalit home is highlighted. We blame media for creating heroes and villain out of their own whims. Journalism is about providing news without element of their personal opinions. Rather provide news and let everyone have their own interpretation. To extend their boundaries journalists can try to bring out more facts rather than assigning labels to individuals and groups. Journalists are shocked to hear that fellow journalists tarnished journalism ethics by concocting news. And I am wondering if this is the first time they got to know this! Thankfully they saw it at least this time. But most of us don’t see our follies even once. Every system in our society reflects a part of us.
We are different. Is this a problem? If so, then creating exact replicas/clones is the solution. But let’s confine this solution only for humans as only we get offended with our differences! We have forgotten how these differences bring beauty, makes life worthy and colourful. Our problem lies in rifts and conflicts caused by not respecting those differences. We fail to see binding force and whine about what pulls us apart, without realising what actually does. If we’ve to remove any difference then we better remove the one that’s lying between us.
Why people vote for Mr. Soren even after proven guilty? Why even after charges of corruption Mr. Koda doesn’t have to loose his sleep over loosing people’s trust? They both know that it’s not the trust on them as an individual but as a part of certain community that do wonders. We say they play divisive politics. But the truth is they merely project our already existing rifts. It’s difficult to acknowledge. So let the next election come and let another set of Mr. Soren and Mr. Koda win.
Fractured mandate implies fault-lines not within politicians or political parties but these are fault-lines between us. It is not about different opinions vis-à-vis various issues and development. Instead it is about our biases, prejudices, selfishness, insecurities and short-sightedness. We find solace in factions for petty gains and its ferocity increases with every denial of our own demons and pointing them some where else. Factionalism become priority and fight for basic necessities take back-seat. Corruption and crime don’t bother us but which faction one belongs to becomes important in making our decisions.
We hate politicians because they know us well. They know our weaknesses, our fears, our indifference, our ignorance and our temptations. They use this knowledge and lure us to get to the power. If they don’t do so we don’t let them win. They deserve it because we make them deserving and we get what we deserve.
For a change, can’t we decide to shed our temptations, ignorance, indifference, fears and weaknesses? Can’t we recall our strength, outgrow our divisions and become socially and politically vigilant to whatever degree we can? Every degree and it’s every fraction counts!

  1. anjul2307 says:

    The junta during the votes is largely represented by a population who lives from hand to mouth. With so much to worry about, their vote is an instantaneous response for someone who bribes them with false promises and unfulfilled dreams.(And if you add cash to that, the lollipop certainly seems attractive to them). It has got nothing to do with reasoning. Do you expect them to worry on their own about about whether Mr. Koda is corrupt and Mr. Soren is guilty? Politicians have always been guilty of manipulating opinions to pave way for themselves. It’s for the other half of the junta who can make decisions on their own and until now has refused to be a part of the electing process, to stand up an be counted.

    • Rijuta says:

      I had to curb my anguish to an extent to write this article. I get agitated otherwise and my thoughts doesn’t get in sync. But yours is too mild. Let these things affect you and don’t try to curb it. Let this agitation attain the greater dimensions and erupt as revolution. I’ve seen it within you, don’t let it die.

  2. Sagar Yadav says:

    Complacency and stupidity are very prevalent. We have got short memories. We have got long lasting impressions of our cultural factors / the culture of slavery put upon us by Britishers. They did not colonize our nation, no they did not, they colonized our spirits. Mahatma somehow managed to bring people above their levels of colonization to unite them together by appealing to the greater human factors like conscience, self-respect etc. How should we not say that it is not only about every person but also about those few great men like Mahatma, who could maneuver the stupid masses towards an intelligent goal. In short, we lack leaders today. And we have to accept that we live in a coward society where we admire the heroism at command by a few police officers who would follow the orders of politicians and powerful and torture the weak and suppress the vulnerable but fail to acknowledge that it is the terrorists of 26/11 who were courageous to attack those who were in power as no common man stays in a 5 star hotel. The media is controlled and it is really playing havoc in our society. We need a Hitler or a Mahatma, or we have to become like one someday. The story is not that of a system or analysis, the story is of lack of bravery in every initiative of every individual. The criminals get elected because they have a bit of bravery (not intelligence). Either you are a predator or you are a prey, Indian junta – always an easy prey and a tasty one. (Sometimes I draw parallels between the Indian Political scenario and the television telecasts at National Geographic. The Indian politicians are the lions who attack at thousands of wilder-beasts and every wilder-beast runs to the center, away from the lions, and then feels safe. They have enough force collectively to kill all the lions in the forest. But they live as easy prey because of lack of courage. In Indian society as well, people run away from trouble makers and do not face them).

    Hence goes my favourite quote , ” The Cowards deserve that “.

    • Rijuta says:


      Though can’t say yes to all that you say but I share the anguish.
      Shall we wait for somebody to emerge as leader?
      Naah…won’t say beyond that!

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