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Why do women need favourable working environment when they claim to be equally capable? They bring colours and giggles inducing vibrant energy that enhances efficiency of an organization and increases work flow. Without them work will become an imposition and every working hour will appear too long for human endurance and monotony will creep in. If these reasons aren’t enough just imagine “what if women don’t get supportive work place and decide to play the same equality card by refusing to carry child so that they too can choose to work as equally as their male counterparts with no expectations from home front”. With scientific advancements even this reason can be countermanded though it’s still too early for that to happen. But what about child rearing responsibilities which are traditionally women’s domain, especially in initial years?

Nature has bequeathed women with child bearing capacity and it extends to child rearing responsibility. This natural fact leaded to work sharing arrangement between men and women on their onset of existence. Men was supposed to meet his family needs and had to work away from home. Women took over household responsibilities. This arrangement aided in apt atmosphere for child bearing and rearing. This must have leaded to evolution of physical constitution of men who developed muscular body that was required for laborious tasks they were engaged in. I don’t wish to scare men as I love them in general for more than one reason, but who knows that once shunning the child bearing duty ladies out there gets keen on getting muscles too as for some muscle power is the yardstick of real strength. I simply loathe this notion as it will devoid us from those curves that everyone loves watching so much. Though population is growing still I don’t want people to die of tedium.

Simplest way out is to understand that equality is about equal opportunities and neutral playfield for equally talented individuals. Child Care and Health Facilities; Leave Provisions; Flexi-timing and other such considerations aren’t a favour for women because though men don’t carry child, they still have their contribution towards it.

If you are concerned more about population explosion and consider feminine charm as distraction, go ahead with restrictions on women from joining you at your work place. Or you can try with providing a considerate and conducive system, which may increase their efficiency as is generally observed.


Tale of Two Judgements

Posted: January 21, 2010 in News
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“Freedom to Criticize Religions but not with Hate” and “Laying out Guideline for Self-defence”: Apex Court in past two weeks has come out with two judgements (one as ruling and other as clarification of already existing law). What’s this translate into?

When kids come fighting, what do parents do? They resolve their fight. But with subsequent conflicts they realize that resolving it every time isn’t bringing down frequency of these conflicts, rather they are increasing. With passage of time parents let kids, who are grown up now, resolve their conflicts on their own. And this responsibility and interaction makes them understand each other better and with time frequency of conflicts come down. They learn to take each others criticism in constructive way and they grow further with enhanced affinity and understanding of each other. But this isn’t the scenario all the time. If these kids grow in years but not in understanding, situation remains the same or even worsens.

As soon as child takes birth (to an extent even before that) parents get concern of their kid’s well-being. They take care lest their baby put something harmful in its mouth. The joy of seeing their child taking little steps accompanies the fear of falling down or injuring himself. With every growing year these worries are replaced by bigger worries and the biggest one is about their future. In their zest to protect their child from any hardship parents at times instil their own fears in child. So, for all his fears the kid has one reason-his parents’ concern. Parents must therefore let their child explore his own world with caution and information to aid him.

In the light of the above two persistent scenario of everyday and everybody’s life what does Supreme Court’s judgements translate into?

“Freedom to Criticize Religions but not with Hate” is a responsibility that is bestowed on us considering that we are grown up now and have enough maturity to take criticism constructively. It is also required for better understanding and to grow further in our respective faith with respect for others’ belief.

In changed time, when anti-social encounters are increasing, Supreme Court realized that law-abiding citizens are the one who fear. They are disgruntled or indifferent and the reason is fear implanted in them: both of unlawful aggressors and the law itself. By giving pro-active definition to “Right to Self-defence”, Apex Court gives the citizens freedom to fight back in the face of aggression. It certainly has laid down warnings and cautions to check that we don’t end up becoming one of such aggressor.

So now don’t we have a choice to choose courage (I agree there are other constraints as well but still, courage has always been a matter of choice) and act like matured adults? Or these judgements have just the value of being printed on newspapers with no actual impact on us?

It’s Men Who Must Seek Equality

Posted: January 14, 2010 in Women

Generally they are expected to earn, they are expected to earn more if their spouse too is earning, they are expected to rescue a damsel in distress, they must leave their seats and open doors for lady even if the lady in certain cases are seemingly more robust, they must do all the physically strenuous works, they must not exhibit fear in any case, they must always be courageous, else their manliness will be questioned. All this just to maintain their masculine superiority and for this vanity (or you may call it folly…whatever appeals you) they burden themselves with too much responsibilities and toil. And what does a woman do? She let him believe what he believes and enjoy all the perks and still blame him for her suppression!

Why should a lady tax herself to earn big when she can simply charm a rich man into marrying her? When you are getting comforts just by being labelled as weak, it’s foolish to forego them just to prove your strength. I agree, in crowded places like public transport with those sex predators on prowl, it is fine to be offered seat. But with an elderly or handicap person around is there any scope of confusion on whether a guy must leave his seat or you too are equally capable of offering the same? When somebody is getting unruly with you or somebody else, is it just man’s obligation to raise alarm and resist such act? Men too are human. They too have their fears. So learn to fight your own fight.

Am I unaware of age-long suppression that women have been put through and in many spheres they still are subjected to regression? No. What I am conveying is that they can’t expect only men to stand for them. Escaping participation in seeking their rightful place conveys their choice to carry on the same path that they are treading all this while. Women must raise expectations from themselves and those who can fight must fight for themselves and for their fellow women folk. Use your capabilities to make other women find their strength, to fight for their rightful place and sever their suppressive past.

Whole psyche needs overhauling, not only of men but more of women. Femininity isn’t a sign of weakness. Adaptability and compassion are under-rated virtue. As Darwin says “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, or the most intelligent. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change”. We don’t have to become like men to feel stronger as aggression can be countered but not compassion.

Men must certainly be expected to know that women aren’t just object of their desire, or to be idolized or victimized. Love them, respect them or despise them but don’t try to take away their right to be an individual, an individual who has the right to define her individuality and choose her own path.

I Don’t Like Saying “As Usual”

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Thoughts

When someone asks “How are you?” it often fetches reflex response “As usual”. Reflex response because responder doesn’t even have to contemplate while answering it. I’ve always tried to avoid saying “As usual” because it is confirmation of monotony that irks me.

When you get your desires fulfilled without much effort and this keeps happening all the time, does that prick your nerves? Don’t you try doing different things to break away from this linearity even though it’s supposedly your good time? How long one can endure monotony differs but everyone needs challenges for stimulation to feel alive. Even if most of the times it means putting oneself into trouble. Struggle in itself isn’t a problem. But when it prolongs beyond one’s endurance, its monotony appears to be worrisome.

Same logic goes with everyone and everything around us. When nature deviates from its predicted trajectory it brings earthquakes, floods, droughts, cyclones and we wonder, can’t something be done to make it remain “as usual”. Instead of wondering, if we accept nature’s tendency, we can prepare ourselves to lessen its disastrous impact.

Any individual or system too has such tendencies to deviate from its set goals. Even the best navigator can loose his way. Degrees may differ on how refined the system is but deviations can’t altogether be done away with. These aberrations if occur frequently certainly evoke worry but cribbing about it won’t serve anybody. So fight for reforms and refinements in system to lessen frequency of undesirable deviations. This is possible only by accepting yourself to be a part of the system. Alienating yourself and condemning system as an outsider would merely be an escape route to skip from struggle.

Glass has always been half full. It’s just that till you can have a sip everything seems perfect. But with every trouble you ask “why me”. In such times try to recall incidents that you heard about others’ hardships, their struggles and their fights and muster courage to ask “why not me”. It’s just a matter of your choice.

Aberrations are normal, but don’t let them become “usual”.

Is Rathore the Real Matter of Concern?

Posted: January 1, 2010 in News
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“Justice without power is inefficient, power without justice is tyranny”. Add these words by Blaise Pascal with “Power corrupts” and you end up getting confused on how much power is just and yet effective. Indeed, a very difficult balance to seek with no precise formula available. But when we aspire to be a Welfare State isn’t it equally necessary to confer power to check misuse of the power which at times becomes absolute if rested in the wrong hands? The bigger question is in whose hands this power should lie and what the guarantee is that it won’t be misused.
If we see former Haryana DGP S P S Rathore as an individual, he merely is a criminal. There are criminals and crimes in every society and it’s a fact we can’t do away with. Felony is a harsh reality but deterrence is state’s duty. Problem begins when someone uses (read misuses) the whole system to cultivate fear in anyone who is seeking justice. The whole concept of justice falls apart. State instead of being duty-bound to deter criminals becomes their protector and deters victims to seek justice. Consequently, such aberrations and misuse of power brings tyrants out in full force and instil fear and mistrust in commoners.
With such news flashing each day all over media, I wonder if this happens to people who are socially and economically well-placed, what would be the case for marginalised people of our society. Has bearing this tyranny become a norm amongst them? This question makes me notice that to an extent it has become a norm to accept things as they are in every strata of our society. Why justice-seeking has become a privilege that very few dare to fight for rather than a Right for all? Why people don’t even bother to seek it, not even for themselves?
In democracy people confer power in “The State” and its machinery so that it can work efficiently. But when this power is used in arbitrary and unjust manner it brings out negativity and the negative energy thus generated if goes unchecked can engulf the whole society, crumpling our dream to be a welfare state. If people fear in seeking justice it implies that power flow is not balanced and is misdirected. “The State” fails if its subjects are deterred to seek justice and the perpetrators of crimes move freely.
With assertive citizens and affirmative actions from all quarters, cynicism has given way to hope. Let’s extend this hope towards the marginalised stratum and extend this zeal for the greater length of time.
Time to recognise the power within each one of us!