Is Rathore the Real Matter of Concern?

Posted: January 1, 2010 in News
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“Justice without power is inefficient, power without justice is tyranny”. Add these words by Blaise Pascal with “Power corrupts” and you end up getting confused on how much power is just and yet effective. Indeed, a very difficult balance to seek with no precise formula available. But when we aspire to be a Welfare State isn’t it equally necessary to confer power to check misuse of the power which at times becomes absolute if rested in the wrong hands? The bigger question is in whose hands this power should lie and what the guarantee is that it won’t be misused.
If we see former Haryana DGP S P S Rathore as an individual, he merely is a criminal. There are criminals and crimes in every society and it’s a fact we can’t do away with. Felony is a harsh reality but deterrence is state’s duty. Problem begins when someone uses (read misuses) the whole system to cultivate fear in anyone who is seeking justice. The whole concept of justice falls apart. State instead of being duty-bound to deter criminals becomes their protector and deters victims to seek justice. Consequently, such aberrations and misuse of power brings tyrants out in full force and instil fear and mistrust in commoners.
With such news flashing each day all over media, I wonder if this happens to people who are socially and economically well-placed, what would be the case for marginalised people of our society. Has bearing this tyranny become a norm amongst them? This question makes me notice that to an extent it has become a norm to accept things as they are in every strata of our society. Why justice-seeking has become a privilege that very few dare to fight for rather than a Right for all? Why people don’t even bother to seek it, not even for themselves?
In democracy people confer power in “The State” and its machinery so that it can work efficiently. But when this power is used in arbitrary and unjust manner it brings out negativity and the negative energy thus generated if goes unchecked can engulf the whole society, crumpling our dream to be a welfare state. If people fear in seeking justice it implies that power flow is not balanced and is misdirected. “The State” fails if its subjects are deterred to seek justice and the perpetrators of crimes move freely.
With assertive citizens and affirmative actions from all quarters, cynicism has given way to hope. Let’s extend this hope towards the marginalised stratum and extend this zeal for the greater length of time.
Time to recognise the power within each one of us!

  1. sagar yadav says:

    hey, listen !

    I am not on drugs. So I will not write anything which can send me to jail here.

    Some fucking asshole bastard policemen might read this and try to use the system and all you know, how it happens and we can’t control it because “the power is within and never comes out” hehe.

    Well then you may as well tell those policemen who got their teeth dug into wrong meat, I got a baseball bat recently to tame their ass 🙂

    Lovely it is till they realize that I can take it to their families and whole system and maybe the whole nation.

  2. Deepak Gahlowt says:

    In democracy, as in any other system, crime is a fact of life. The problem happens when the system of checks and balance falls apart. In this case as in most other cases where subversion of justice happens is because, the judicial system fails.

    The political system today has ensured that police remains outdated and under its control by preventing modernization and promoting people like Mr Rathore (He did become DGP after all!!); and simultaneously keeping the judicial system tied up in knots..

    Luckily, whatever said about capitalism, the fourth estate has found it more lucrative to raise these issue rather than join hand with the other three state players. While it does make it much more risky for such criminals, media cannot prevent crimes such as these.

    The only way to reduce / prevent such crimes is to break the nexus. First separate the Judicial system. Improve the courts ability to process such crimes. The longer the hearings take, the easier it becomes to threaten or buy out the witnesses / destroy evidence etc.. until the time victim decides it is better to end it all (suicide in this case; giving up and moving on with lives in most other cases) than trying to fight for justice. Faster judicial process will make it difficult for even the courts to give wrong judgments.

    So lets all get together and start to ask for the most fundamental right – right to justice, with the clear assumption that justice delayed is justice denied.

    • Rijuta says:

      Right to justice, if denied makes all other rights irrelevant. It’s not Rathore who’s a matter of concern but the Lack of Faith in Rule of Law and Justice is. And you put it very well.

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