I Don’t Like Saying “As Usual”

Posted: January 9, 2010 in Thoughts

When someone asks “How are you?” it often fetches reflex response “As usual”. Reflex response because responder doesn’t even have to contemplate while answering it. I’ve always tried to avoid saying “As usual” because it is confirmation of monotony that irks me.

When you get your desires fulfilled without much effort and this keeps happening all the time, does that prick your nerves? Don’t you try doing different things to break away from this linearity even though it’s supposedly your good time? How long one can endure monotony differs but everyone needs challenges for stimulation to feel alive. Even if most of the times it means putting oneself into trouble. Struggle in itself isn’t a problem. But when it prolongs beyond one’s endurance, its monotony appears to be worrisome.

Same logic goes with everyone and everything around us. When nature deviates from its predicted trajectory it brings earthquakes, floods, droughts, cyclones and we wonder, can’t something be done to make it remain “as usual”. Instead of wondering, if we accept nature’s tendency, we can prepare ourselves to lessen its disastrous impact.

Any individual or system too has such tendencies to deviate from its set goals. Even the best navigator can loose his way. Degrees may differ on how refined the system is but deviations can’t altogether be done away with. These aberrations if occur frequently certainly evoke worry but cribbing about it won’t serve anybody. So fight for reforms and refinements in system to lessen frequency of undesirable deviations. This is possible only by accepting yourself to be a part of the system. Alienating yourself and condemning system as an outsider would merely be an escape route to skip from struggle.

Glass has always been half full. It’s just that till you can have a sip everything seems perfect. But with every trouble you ask “why me”. In such times try to recall incidents that you heard about others’ hardships, their struggles and their fights and muster courage to ask “why not me”. It’s just a matter of your choice.

Aberrations are normal, but don’t let them become “usual”.

  1. anjul2307 says:

    Monotony restricts your thought. It doesn’t allow to see the other side of the coin. As far as “Why not me” is concerned, its an attitude that needs to be practiced.

  2. Rijuta says:

    Yeah!!! Already mentioned that 😉
    The point is monotony irks more so if it’s undesirable things that prolong 🙂

  3. Sourabh says:

    Ummm.. If you are getting into trouble all the time, then also you say ‘as usual’!

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