Tale of Two Judgements

Posted: January 21, 2010 in News
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“Freedom to Criticize Religions but not with Hate” and “Laying out Guideline for Self-defence”: Apex Court in past two weeks has come out with two judgements (one as ruling and other as clarification of already existing law). What’s this translate into?

When kids come fighting, what do parents do? They resolve their fight. But with subsequent conflicts they realize that resolving it every time isn’t bringing down frequency of these conflicts, rather they are increasing. With passage of time parents let kids, who are grown up now, resolve their conflicts on their own. And this responsibility and interaction makes them understand each other better and with time frequency of conflicts come down. They learn to take each others criticism in constructive way and they grow further with enhanced affinity and understanding of each other. But this isn’t the scenario all the time. If these kids grow in years but not in understanding, situation remains the same or even worsens.

As soon as child takes birth (to an extent even before that) parents get concern of their kid’s well-being. They take care lest their baby put something harmful in its mouth. The joy of seeing their child taking little steps accompanies the fear of falling down or injuring himself. With every growing year these worries are replaced by bigger worries and the biggest one is about their future. In their zest to protect their child from any hardship parents at times instil their own fears in child. So, for all his fears the kid has one reason-his parents’ concern. Parents must therefore let their child explore his own world with caution and information to aid him.

In the light of the above two persistent scenario of everyday and everybody’s life what does Supreme Court’s judgements translate into?

“Freedom to Criticize Religions but not with Hate” is a responsibility that is bestowed on us considering that we are grown up now and have enough maturity to take criticism constructively. It is also required for better understanding and to grow further in our respective faith with respect for others’ belief.

In changed time, when anti-social encounters are increasing, Supreme Court realized that law-abiding citizens are the one who fear. They are disgruntled or indifferent and the reason is fear implanted in them: both of unlawful aggressors and the law itself. By giving pro-active definition to “Right to Self-defence”, Apex Court gives the citizens freedom to fight back in the face of aggression. It certainly has laid down warnings and cautions to check that we don’t end up becoming one of such aggressor.

So now don’t we have a choice to choose courage (I agree there are other constraints as well but still, courage has always been a matter of choice) and act like matured adults? Or these judgements have just the value of being printed on newspapers with no actual impact on us?

  1. anjul2307 says:

    The effective implementation of the judgemnets depends of lot of other factors besides the Apex court directive. We need to ensure that the rulings of the SC are respected and adhered to. There have been too many incidents where the directives have been voilated blatantly and no action has been taken against the voilators.
    As far as the criticism goes, the society needs to adopt a mature approach to take it in.

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