For Child-free World Make Working Environment Difficult for Women

Posted: January 25, 2010 in Women

Why do women need favourable working environment when they claim to be equally capable? They bring colours and giggles inducing vibrant energy that enhances efficiency of an organization and increases work flow. Without them work will become an imposition and every working hour will appear too long for human endurance and monotony will creep in. If these reasons aren’t enough just imagine “what if women don’t get supportive work place and decide to play the same equality card by refusing to carry child so that they too can choose to work as equally as their male counterparts with no expectations from home front”. With scientific advancements even this reason can be countermanded though it’s still too early for that to happen. But what about child rearing responsibilities which are traditionally women’s domain, especially in initial years?

Nature has bequeathed women with child bearing capacity and it extends to child rearing responsibility. This natural fact leaded to work sharing arrangement between men and women on their onset of existence. Men was supposed to meet his family needs and had to work away from home. Women took over household responsibilities. This arrangement aided in apt atmosphere for child bearing and rearing. This must have leaded to evolution of physical constitution of men who developed muscular body that was required for laborious tasks they were engaged in. I don’t wish to scare men as I love them in general for more than one reason, but who knows that once shunning the child bearing duty ladies out there gets keen on getting muscles too as for some muscle power is the yardstick of real strength. I simply loathe this notion as it will devoid us from those curves that everyone loves watching so much. Though population is growing still I don’t want people to die of tedium.

Simplest way out is to understand that equality is about equal opportunities and neutral playfield for equally talented individuals. Child Care and Health Facilities; Leave Provisions; Flexi-timing and other such considerations aren’t a favour for women because though men don’t carry child, they still have their contribution towards it.

If you are concerned more about population explosion and consider feminine charm as distraction, go ahead with restrictions on women from joining you at your work place. Or you can try with providing a considerate and conducive system, which may increase their efficiency as is generally observed.

  1. anjul2307 says:

    It would make things monotonous for sure if the work place is without women. As the men in EDS. They’ll surely agree with it 😀
    There have been some improvements in certain sectors. The HR policies haven’t been updated, for the dynamics of the working population has undergone a major change.

    • Rijuta says:

      OOps!!! When I wrote this, my funny bones were too stimulated to be toned down. So wrote it this way but “I the issue that I tried to convey is true to best of my knowledge” 😀

  2. Rijuta says:

    It was written in a lighter vein with lots of mischievous statements but on serious note I feel that there’s much gap to be filled to make our working environment more women friendly 🙂

  3. AdityaNayak says:

    Although, I feel that the argument is quite crazy, swapping child bearing capabilities! 🙂 But I whole heartedly agree with you on the issue. when men make women uncomfortable, we infact are making trouble for ourselves.

    I have talked about this too with respect to Eve Teasing and street harrasment at Eve Teasing and why everyone is suffering coz of it

    Though, it sounds for real world coming from a woman 🙂

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