Four Chief Ministers: Natural Political Progression towards Delegation of Power

Posted: February 2, 2010 in News, Politics
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A sixty member assembly with four Chief Ministers is a distinction that only Meghalaya has achieved till date. But I hope measures towards making more and more people empowered will be furthered with augmented fervour. Until we can divide our states further, how can we bring more people in power ambit? Increasing number of head of states is one such way. If we don’t restrict the number of Head of State, it not only will bring political harmony but it can also bring that elusive dream of equality that otherwise seems impossible to attain where all of us will have equal status.

In Meghalaya, ruling alliance has taken utmost pain to work around Constitutional restrains and appoint four persons with the rank and status of Chief Minister. Though Constitutionally Darwing Diengdoh Lapang is the Chief Minister, Friday Lyngdoh is elevated to the same status along with State Planning Board Chairman Donkupar Roy and Meghalaya Economic Development Council Chairman J D Rymbai, who already are at par in rank and status of the Chief Minister. They are also aided by two capable Deputy Chief Ministers, Mukul Sangma and Bindo Lalong.

Instead of dubbing it as problem of plenty or burden on exchequer, visualize it as a step towards building a nation of equals where every citizen will be ultimately heading a nation or state or at least a councils body. It isn’t a political manoeuvre to grab power but to delegate power to as many people as possible.

Till now we had to satisfy ourselves with Deputy Prime Ministers, Proxy Prime Ministers or Deputy Chief Ministers due to Constitutional restrictions. Meghalaya leaders have made it apparent that if there is will, you can work around anything. Constitution has never been a constraint in such matters and to accelerate the progress it can always be modified.

So, welcome to the world of power!

P.S.: There’s this confusion though: Who or what will we head ultimately?

  1. Rijuta says:

    Before that we need an overall psyche overhauling… else any and every system can be played with.

  2. anjul2307 says:

    This shows how urgently we need reforms in our political system. This has started a bad trend where everyone in a position to bargain for would demand to be elevated to the status of a chief minister.

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