WARS: In the Time of Globalisation and Altered Political Scenario

Posted: February 15, 2010 in Politics

War has always been fought for establishing supremacy of some kind or to maintain such supremacy when somebody threatens to seize it. It is the truth of wars in history, in present and in coming times, though the pretence may vary in different eras. But why do we feel guilty about it in today’s world? Why do we have to pretend that it’s for other’s sake?

Initially there were fights in the name of food and shelter i.e. getting hold of hunting grounds. Then organised tribes came. They fought for more hunting grounds along with respect for the symbols of their faith from more and more people. Then came the Kingdoms. Reasons were the same but wars were more elaborate this time. Bigger kingdoms had same basic reasons but on bigger scale and had bigger egos to nurse. These egos in the garb of self-respect and courage fought many wars. With flexible and constantly changing boundaries there was much to conquer and conquerors were the heroes in history who never were answerable to their subjects. Moreover almost no subject ever figure in history nor do they write it to express their point of view.

Today conquerors aren’t acceptable as global interdependence needs amicable environment and invasions in the world of marked boundaries are getting difficult without being labelled as hostile. Today in most part of the world there is no ruler as such who can claim definitive authority on a country and this takes away the unfathomable authority which earlier rulers enjoyed.

So with concept of globalisation, nationhood and democracy, justification to go on war is diminishing. Yet the natural temptations are the same. My thoughts, My religion, My region, My economy and other such possessions take hold of one’s psyche and to prove them supreme wars are waged. Today it is not apparently visible in terms of conquering regions but it is more of a psychological warfare, and the visible manifestations are of symbolic nature with constant efforts to disguise it as an effort for peace or liberation. We placed high-sounding words to keep our conscience clear. And the most interesting part is, we all believe in that. After all that’s the way we can boost our goodness. What’s the better way to fight but to fight in the name of others?


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