Only Questions and Data in Flesh Trade: Why Are We Escaping Accountability towards Sex Workers

Posted: March 23, 2010 in News, Women
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One of my friends read an article on substance abuse amidst sex-workers. This TOI article had lots of data and objective information in that regard. She had queries which I’ll reproduce in her own words.
1. ….can’t they make this kind of money in any descent job of dignity?
2. …why is there no action about it (flesh trade), just because cops are making money out of it?
3. What are our media friends and women in Parliament doing now?
4. Is there something that I can do to improve things?

Of all questions I liked the last one most as that was directed towards herself. Even I don’t seek answers to these questions but seek solution if I may. Towards that end I put across certain other questions.

1. Are sex-workers deserve to live a demeaning life just because they are in a particular trade or is it something we choose to be silent on as it rakes up many other related issues that we prefer to put behind curtains?
2. Flesh trade has flourished all through our history of civilization. What’s the reason behind?
3. Earlier it wasn’t illegal but now when it is, why this practice is still thriving? (I am not getting into issue of making it legal as that would drag the current problem into different realm)
4. And since it is illegal and still ticking why should only sex-workers bear the brunt of its ills, especially those who are forced or trapped into this trade?
5. Is it only authority who is liable to stop this exploitation or society can take the responsibility to bring sex-workers into its fold?
6. How can we generate different earning opportunity for these women given the fact that if provided an opportunity they are willing to switch out of this profession?
7. Can we give up our prejudice and fears to stand for our fellow human beings who are exploited and then blamed for their own exploitation?

I am forming my answers to reach a solution. Your inputs will certainly aid!

  1. Hi,

    It is a common problem around the world till date…. Even in Romania as a social worker I offered the prettiest of young girls good and healthy salaries with training in front office jobs etc.,. in the UAE They refused, down right saying they earn $ 500 to $1000 each night and much more if on 24 hours call duty etc.,. I saw how they act and react to who ever can afford their services…. The same
    has been observed all round the Gulf countries…

    They are used to earning such fat amounts, they will never take up any other profession…. its clear and I swear I can go with any of you to the areas and prove my statement.

    These are God’s own creatures, that I saw and watched how they act and react not bothered even if the wife of a male is at the supper table… they are thick skinned and take their work as a challenge so that their customers are regulars and no need to look out for new ones etc.,.



  2. Papa says:

    1. No they dont. Its the society that gives them lesser choices after and before they choose that profession. We who are considered educated and socially good makes life worse for them.

    2. Almost all the concepts of the society are made by the elite group or when we are considering history by males who wanted to control people and get all that they could get from society. If you consider our religions, which I consider as a primitive method to control people, you can easily find the importance of girls keeping their virginity, the virgin Mary and virginity test for Sita can be considered as examples. Then there are other examples where girl should be pure. In bible I couldnt find a single instance where a socially nice female drinks wine, and all those who drunk wine where pictured as prostitutes or really bad. But I dont know how correct that previous statement of mine is as I dont have any evidences supporting it, I havent read the bible completely. But when I asked some of my religious friends they said it may be true. So religion did want females to be virgin till they marry and they dont want any females to cheat their husbands after marriage. As the females of that society where mostly illiterate and dint have much choices other than believing to these religions and authorities they must have thought and kept virginity as something divine. Now there is a problem. This wont give men all the pleasures that they want. So they must have created this profession, again completely my assumption. I dont have any data to prove it.

    3. Once I saw a documentary in BBC or CNN, I dont remember, on prostitutes in Mumbai and there was a interview with city police commissioner and he was asked this question. His reply was almost like this “Its due to the prostitutes in this city there aren’t many crimes against women”. But that was contradicted and explanation of its misuses are somewhat explained in Sunitha Krishnan’s blog. But the actual reason for not eradicating this could again be my answer to previous question.

    4. Society. They just dont care about anyone not even other normal people, let alone prostitutes. Actually its we. We dont care about anyone. Only things matter for most of us are materialistic and our selfish motives.

    5. Again society is us. Politicians are muppets. They dont care about us. As long as we as society wont do anything this exploitation will continue.

    6. Somewhat explained in prajwala website.

    7 Yes we can and we should.

  3. anjul2307 says:

    Well the answer is because we are afraid to open the can of worms. One thing we all can strive to do is to change the attitude with which we percieve them.
    As fas as why only sex workers should bear the brunt of it…that’s because they don’t voice their story so it’s easier to blame them.

    • Rijuta says:

      If you consider to do something actively in this matter what possible hitches do you expect that may hinder you to pursue for betterment of these women?

      • Sambhunath Tiadi says:

        Yes,madam. we have we have adopted such concepts to upkeep our social prestige & dignity in our religious scripts,but who is responsible for it,why girls are committing suicide instead of struggling to face the truth. Now, it is existing also. Is it not the nude face of our society madam? When the nude face of the society is continuing,than where is the bar for its legalization? I think, it is nothing,only suppression of truth,and wastage of of resources in the disguise of manpower time in police & judiciary department.

        If ,we dig history, nomadic humans were naked & they are out of civilization. Might Was right in the Law of the Jungle,and the sexual relationship was either on the basis of might was right or force, or other wise which, I presume both in case of male and females. The brainy people of the human society formed different groups and selected their leaders to control it, and subsequently, different policies were made to control and check it. Even people were marrying number of girls at the tiny ages. Tiny boys and girls are not well aware about sex matter, and only the grown of people either male or female were the teacher of it. Different religions were established at different times by the than talents/prophets/Rishis in ethical manner to follow it,and subsequently different acts and rules were framed. Though the religious leaders uphold their religions and its scripts,but all people do not follow it. Lot of reformations were made, child marriage was abolished,widow were allowed to marry, sexual relationship was allowed under Indian Penal Code.

        Regarding answer to the questions my answers are as under:-

        01.Yes, they can make this kind of money in any descent job of dignity not for all for for some? Example of Hemamilinee and other actresses including call girls.

        02. Because, the % of people interested for sex are high, as it is human desires, and the politicians have link with the brokers. As the brokers are unemployed, they also earn some money to maintain their families.

        03. Media men and women in parliament are thinking about their name and fame and use the sex workers and its brokers as their vote bank. But not able to legalize it, rather speak against it knowingly due to the stigma of the society for their reputation and fame.

        04. Legalization will prevent rape and trap.

        05. Society has been formed on the basis of evolution process. Reformations have been made in different customs and blind beliefs. Accordingly society should accept the sex workers, provide them proper dignity, and stress for its legalization, which is one kind of reformation also.

        06. All may not switch over from this profession,if they are provide with other employment opportunities. The sex workers are educated and non educated. They may educated in computer and internet so that they will able to asses the society,know about the society and do some better things for the human society. But Legalization should be mandatory. With out Legalization crimes,suicides,deaths and terrors will continue.

        07. Subject to situation and reality of our fellow humans. As human is materialistic in nature due to lack of moral and spiritual education and parental guide lines,his greediness may some time cause problems for others. Hence, we can help according to the situation, as it is sensitive issue. I t should be dealt cunningly.

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