See You in Hell!

Posted: April 3, 2010 in Society, Thoughts

Lawyers lie and Doctors cut your throat. Be it Corporate world or Government agencies, they are interested in profit-making by any means and pull your noose to extract whatever you can spare or not spare. Social workers and Charity organisations are more concerned about their own welfare and upliftment. Priests and Preachers are means to end up as God in the land of mere mortals. Media plays the tune that suits them and I apologize to all other classes that I missed to mention here. This omission isn’t deliberate but it’s my limitation as the list is endless. Welcome to the world of grey whose shades are turning darker.

In our earlier stories there were either black or white characters. For quite some time grey is occupying much of canvas space. It’s the colour of reality and practicality. We all are grey and grey is intriguing. White means monotony and also it’s humanly impossible to remain spotless in entire span of your life. Visualizing ideal world is accused of being impractical and who can dare to be so imprudent to challenge that? But does that mean that we accept grey as right? Answer is very simple. It’s right when it is convenient and it’s wrong when it hurts. When it hurts, we see black everywhere, failing to realize how much we contributed to this darker shade.

If you can’t stop bribes (or call it “commission” in more respectful terms), put it under a legitimate expenditure head as our finance minister ably did. If I can pay why should I wait in que or follow the rules? If you can’t include sexually exploited in your society, ask for laws to legalise sex-trade. With the history and stories of gambling away one’s wife, kin or even kids, we ask to legalize gambling making the mafia behind even more stronger. In the name of competition and professionalism we don’t shy to sell our soul and trust. We give in to our temptations and call it human urge. Direct implications on us or its fear generate concern but otherwise all is acceptable. This leaves room for confusion. So, we must move on to next step.

If someone annoys me I must at least have freedom to hit him. And if that annoyance increases, which often does with such kind of freedoms, I shouldn’t be restrained to kill. It’s a natural human tendency to seek revenge. If my testosterone demands, it must be served in any possible manner as restricting such natural urge is cruel. There’s nothing wrong in living a tasteful life and if somebody else is paying for it, that’s their wish, even if a forced one.

White is a high maintenance colour. Grey is about convenience and practicality. And with its turning into black, even the confusion will wipe out. So, see you soon in Hell!!!

  1. anjul2307 says:

    Grey is a reality and that’s here to stay here. But should we give ‘human urge’ as an excuse every single time. I dont think so. That would lead to chaos. Instead if we discipline ourselves, the times when we have failings would come down significantly.

  2. djraavanan says:

    you should try more simple language. it helps…others..
    Keep up the good work..;)

    • Rijuta says:

      I intended to keep language simple but I presume I lapsed on that account. Will be more careful in that regard. Just remind me if there’s complexity in my expressions in future 🙂

      Couldn’t understand what you wanted to ask … “fall??”

  3. djraavanan says:

    Black and white…nice touch…this analogy has been here in world for a long time..
    Can anyone define in their own consciousness what is black and what is white?
    Can they define good and bad?

    still cutting the leg to fit the shoe? throw the shoe away…..

    • Rijuta says:

      This article isn’t written to define good or bad as these two things are about degrees.

      Acceptance of existing follies is desirable and necessary but to what end is what this article is concerned about. Everyone falls but that shouldn’t be an excuse for you to fall. Instead, we can learn how not to fall from those experiences. I know, even despite all our efforts, we still are fallible but our efforts can make those falls less frequent. And still if you wish to fall, be a “waterfall” as it enhances beauty!!!

  4. Nishu says:

    The colour of our souls is iron-grey and sad bats wheel about the steeple of our dreams. Dichotomy is the order.

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