Posted: April 24, 2010 in Poems, Thoughts

It hardly matters when you roam around
I fear when you don’t make a sound

Once you came through the open door
You made me believe, I listened for sure
Everything changed and changed was I,
though I wondered how and why
I tried to be what I was not
That made my life a complete rot
Finding faults when turned me down
I thought and that’s what I found
All that happens, happens for good
You must know and know you should

Again you came and tried the door
Door was shut and I felt secure
You knocked once and kept on knocking
Again I saw my life rocking
But this time my fear was different
How can I not trust that is inherent
If you can’t change, how can I
Believe I should till I die

Experience was vain, you may say
But now I am I, I am happy this way
Fear still persist but faith won’t wither
Stranger you will always be is not true either

  1. anjul2307 says:

    Some doors are meant to be broken down 🙂

  2. djraavanan says:

    Wish Granted…..:)

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