Caste Census: An Issue or a Non-Issue

Posted: May 5, 2010 in News, Politics
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Caste system or for that matter any other form of discrimination is undesirable and incompatible with present global inclusive societies. But can desirability or lack of it wipe out the reality of its existence?
Answer is no.

Are some of our representatives in government and parliament who are opposing caste census unaware of this reality?
Caste based reservations in place makes it highly unlikely to believe so.

So why there is such reluctance to include caste based surveys?
May be ideologically our leaders relate it with British Era divisive policies and fear its negative repercussions in our society. But as far as I know ideals have seldom bound our leaders!

Or is logistical constraints the reason to forego this exercise, as our Honourable Home Minister has cited and suggest that other agencies can do the caste-based exercise?
Logistical constraints must have led our founding fathers to do away with the caste census. If the same constraints hold good even after so many years of independence, then this will be a trouble for other agency like National Commission for Backward Class too, to carry out this exercise. In fact, even a not so qualified person knows that to incorporate few more details in already elaborate data base collection will require far less resources than to conduct it afresh. Always considered a well-informed and knowledgeable, our ex- Finance Minister and present Home Minister can’t forget this simple basic rule unless there is good reason to wipe out the memory! Or does change in portfolio do the magic 😉

Aren’t those parliamentarians and politicians in ruling or opposition lagging behind in raising this issue or is it for the next census?
The date is fixed and known for commencement of decennial census. Raising the issue when census exercise already started, makes it just that, “an issue” that needs to be discussed in the House to mark their presence and justify their allowances and perks associated with their job!

When there are facilities/schemes based on caste, it becomes necessary to have elaborate data to take the benefits to the target people effectively and efficiently. May be that leads to eradication of caste-distortions and a healthy society and our leaders can then find time to concentrate on other developmental issues to give us a prosperous and happy nation 🙂


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