Why am I Born with a Brain: A Muslim Woman?

Posted: May 12, 2010 in News, Women
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From my birth to my growing up; from my marriage to my sexual life; my clothes to my make up; my going out to my being at home; my education to my profession (which now is turning out to be no-profession), all aspects at every stage of my life is pre-defined by my religion. I am defined by others and so are my aspirations, making my brain an obsolete entity.

Many females from different religions too are living by set norms. But they are doing it as social norms or cultural aspects, which are easier to breach. If they break these norms they may become social outcast but not in front of their Gods. I am unique as if I try to redefine myself even without affecting others I am labelled a culprit in the eyes of Allah.

I wish I could tell these representatives of Allah that I too am one of his creations and he himself has bestowed the similar faculties of thoughts and senses to me as he has given to them. You can lead your life the way you choose. You can guide but if you start dictating what will I do with my brain. I don’t wish to waste this precious gift of Allah and let it remain untapped. I am alive and so are my senses. I too can feel and I too can see.

I may not think big still I am happy that I can think. I won’t let others to do it for me!

  1. grannyjill says:

    I have a small idea of what you are experiencing, and my heart goes out to you. As I am a pensioner, I can remember knowing as a small girl, and teenager that I wouldn’t be able to be me. I wanted to do what my brothers did…one left home to live in a flat, and the other joined the army.
    I finally escaped at the age of 24 by going to Teacher Training College and never returned to live at home. I married against my parent’s wishes, too. But, the disapproval of my parents was a big burden to carry….and it was very difficult to disappoint them and go my own way….but at least they did not make me believe I was disappointing God, too.

    • Rijuta says:

      @grannyjill: Reading your response I could see a similar pattern of female thought process. They consider many things before breaking free just to realize that those considerations didn’t mean more than boundaries to restrict one’s march towards his/her unique self.
      I want to spread the word around that choosing your own path(whether it’s right or wrong) is what gives you an identity. So everyone (that includes men too) must dare to extend these boundaries not to revolt but to grow in their own space.

  2. Rijuta says:

    @ Anjul: This is the decision one has to make … to decide or to be decided upon!!!
    @Sagar: Enjoy being authoritative at times 😉

  3. Sagar Yadav says:

    Written with great authority.

  4. anjul2307 says:

    Why would someone else want to take the burden of thinking about everyone else is beyond me? One Almighty is enough for the job and unless that almighty tells me directly that they are his representatives, I would not accept their authority.

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