I am Proud to be a Bihari

Posted: May 19, 2010 in News, Politics
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When I was studying there Bihar was going downhill. When I came back to Delhi after completing my graduation, except Atal “Bihari,” no bihari was respected. But then Atal Bihari wasn’t a Bihari in geological terms. Downturn continued even while Lalu grabbed all the limelight. He played the media gallery well but couldn’t do anything other than bringing development in Bihar to halt, more precisely introduced it to newer depths. Not just here but Mumbai too discarded and ill-treated us. “Bihari” became an abusive term.

I loved Bihar then and I am proud now that in Bihar smart cards were introduced and today India’s Unique Identification Cards are emulating the same model. GDP and other economical indicators along with infrastructure are demonstrating positive trends. Is Bihar progressing towards developmental politics? I wish so and I wish this for every state as I associate with most of them due to my association and others simply because I relate myself to this country.

It’s the administrator/executives at top who creates a defining image and in a democracy people choose who governs. So when others look down upon us, we need to look within and see why we are cutting such sorry figure. We all want development but while electing we overlook work profile and see only the caste and religion of the candidates.

If caste, religion or any such classification becomes inconsequential, no politician will back Khap Panchayats. Instead of reservation, we can bring about inclusive growth where necessity to demarcate people on caste line will be wiped out. After scam exposes, political leaders won’t be confident of winning just because their caste calculations are strong. But all this will continue unless we change.

And if we can’t, we must stop complaining about our image as that is what we are.

  1. SHYAM KUMAR says:

    your writing has inspired me!!

    • Rijuta says:

      Hope it’s a positive inspiration 🙂

      • SHYAM KUMAR says:

        positive for sure 🙂
        but the issue raised in last para is prevalent in every state. than y only bihari’s?? guess the whole image thing has more to do with poverty stricken labourers from Bihar migrating to every corner of the country in addition to what u pointed out. Bihari’s they encounter r not u or me but them. So cant complain about the image.

  2. djraavanan says:

    which is the best country in the world?
    which is the best state in it?
    which is the best county/district in it?
    which is the best locality in it?
    which is the best house in it?

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