We Were Always in Transit, Still Averse to Change

Posted: May 31, 2010 in Culture, Society
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There was a time when we didn’t even qualify to be categorized as “Human”. From there we stepped into newer phase of evolution, not because we were unhappy, but because change is natural and the biggest motivator for creations, discoveries and inventions. We got habituated to things that weren’t considered necessary till they were invented. We started exploring newer territories and interacted with newer people. Our lifestyle changed with all this newness. These alterations in turn changed culture; and civilization took its next step towards evolution. In those times, were those changes accepted without opposition? I doubt. Accepting only those changes that we find convenient has always been the norm. Some express their disapproval in discussions, some in debates and some shout back. Some hit back with fists and some with weapons. Some do it alone and some in groups or may be with troops.

Why “change” and “opposition” are so noticeable today? We aren’t “changing” for the first time, its continuos. Nor are we “opposing” for the first time, its eternal. But today our oppositions are pitting us against civilization. Boundaries are shrinking with every leap of technology; and we are getting exposed to changes much faster from every corner of the world. We wish to keep comforts of these changes and do away with effects that follow. We have always cherished newer times only when it has turned old! But for the first time, civilization today is global and inclusive and equations are changing rapidly.

Is it the pace of change that we are finding hard to assimilate and see the inclusiveness of today’s world as threat to our unique “cultural identity”? May be we want to disguise our inertia in the name of tradition.

Time is certainly required to assimilate change and not all changes are needed to be accepted by all. Pick your own bunch and decide your own pace. But let others do it for themselves. If you’ll decide it for them, you turn into controller of others’ choices. You can even choose not to change, but don’t make others choose the same stagnation in the name of culture as culture in itself carries volatility in its nature!

  1. Mujtaba says:

    nice attempt…. good to read these carefully knitted words.

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