Guilt of Arrogance

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Thoughts

I have heard many times how people use influence to desist security personnel to perform security checks. I always find it weird as I don’t see it as sign of authority. Rather it has always been a sign of underestimating others’ line of duty and subsequently becoming a tool to breach others’ duty. But yesterday when I caught myself doing it, I was shocked. Though I didn’t resisted but I showed displeasure just because not all let their vehicles checked.

Security check has been stepped up in our office building. Being a civic agency office and a prominent building in Delhi, there is a threat, which is understandable. Hence security checks are justified too. Ideally we may say that we are turning cynical and locking ourself in fears. But when some untoward incident takes place our first reaction is to blame “lack of security”. We don’t want them to perform their duty and when they don’t, we accuse them of being insincere. This isn’t limited just to security but every realm of our life. We want everyone to act as per our convenience and later when that turns disastrous, we blame them to act so. This is arrogance, arrogance to prove ourself right till we are in a position to do so.

I was arrogant. I wish to apologize for my folly. Mustering courage to do so!!!


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