Marriage vs Citizenship

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Society
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O Civilization! You grow and grow along with you our woes to keep pace with standardization norms that we need to follow to keep our “civilized” tag intact. Now everything we do is formulated, registered and listed. Logic has replaced instinct. It isn’t a complaint but acceptance!!!

Even when we were uncivilized, generally people chose to remain in their communities, but we were free to roam around. Struggle was there in switching places but overcoming that made us eligible to access and settle in any part of globe. Today struggle remains but that is added with need to seek citizenship. With years and documents to support our claim to newer nationality, we become its citizen. Mere assimilation in that nation and their society is of not much use. We have to prove our loyalties and patriotism. Shifting away doesn’t let us shed our previous geographical identity. New people don’t accept us. We too get scared of identity crisis in accepting newer societal norms and try to keep our older characteristics. That alienates us further. Wandering was always a matter of exploration, adventure, compulsion or necessity that made us seek newer pastures. Earlier it was natural. Today we need certificates for that. These certificates are required to define one’s duty, which are minimal requirement to gel in with new surroundings.

Marriage came much earlier. We naturally need a partner for our emotional, physical, social and/or financial reasons. But why do we need to put label for that? Why can’t we go back in time and abolish this system of stamping approvals on matter of hearts? Why we need to involve society when two people can live together harmoniously without any labelling? Some people question its purpose. Is its expiry date approaching?
Today when even law accepts long-term live-in relationship at par with marriage then only fragile relationships remain out of the ambit of being termed as marriage. But what purpose do these frail relationships have in our life except providing short term illusions? Even if you are on a leisure trip in consensus, it is difficult as expectations of one partner differ from other most of the times. Also for someone to get into substantial relationship how to counter insecurities that very often creep in as matter of hearts aren’t after all just that but goes much beyond that. Offspring is one strong proof of that. Solemnization of marriage thus saves you from shirking away your responsibilities!

Areas are vast and so are the people. That is when rules are needed to be laid and that is when standards need to be set. Not all follow rules and rules are meant to be broken. So rather than questioning the rules choose whether you need to follow them or break them or even twist them!


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