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Our Prime Minister who is an expert in Finance and our Finance Minister who isn’t as adept in finance pray for good monsoon so that inflation problem can be restrained. Instead of that they can opt for cloud seeding and then pray for votes to shower!

Coming to population control problem, all current measures to curb it needs much persuasion and it’s difficult to convince people about it. Many of those who opt for small family are opting for gender specific population control. We are expert in providing reservations and we must use this expertise in controlling population. In this case women must be occupied with work in every field so that they don’t have much time for kids-generation. To save their leaves they will desist from abortions too. Also, since everything will come in office record, they will desist gender-selective abortions to much extent. A perfect way for population control without annoying anyone and generating votes by providing reservation!

And soon India will be a developed country!!!


Sounds bitter as truth always does. But think of it and you will see the reality behind.

She has to be a prostitute at times, at others she becomes a beggar and she is an eternal prisoner. Census merely has recognized this truth of our society and clubbed “housewives” with all these three under economically non-productive category. Are we ashamed of this prevalent fact???

P.S.: This is about all, including “those housewives” (there are many who are very strong individuals and I am excluding them. And by strong I certainly don’t mean arrogant and ill-tempered!), who are prisoners of their own follies. They also want other women to fall into the same pattern. And people around aren’t too keen to break their shackles.

Let the Schools Remain Elite

Posted: July 19, 2010 in News, Society, Views
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Right to Education (RTE) says all children in age group of 6-14 years have the right to study i.e. to be enrolled in school. A child doesn’t have to possess any special talent to avail this right. So, in general cases no screening process has to be adopted to enrol a child as any such criterion for selection will render RTE irrelevant. Then what made our HRD Minister, Mr. Sibal to ask “How’ll schools like Doon, Mayo, Modern and others give random admission to children?”

Are these starred schools different from other schools? They certainly are as they are those select few, which are often mentioned in their field. But what makes them different apart from their popularity and elitism? Is it about their Infrastructure, Management and Staff or is there any innovation involved in imparting education? If this be the case, isn’t every kid has the right to avail these facilities irrespective of which strata his/her family falls in? Or is it more about who they choose to admit in their schools that sustains their brand value? A child’s capability can’t be a criterion because of the nature of the right. That implies it’s his/her parentage or family lineage that is considered. The reason sited is that if kids are randomly picked, it may adversely affect environ of the school thereby bringing undesirable effect on the selected few. And elite schools won’t remain elite anymore.

These schools are private establishments which can certainly choose their way. But education of children is a responsibility that is above shallow considerations or otherwise it becomes just another business that exists to generate profit by providing certain service. In this case service is education in elite surroundings. Has anyone given it a thought that intermixing of kids from different strata of society gives them wide perspective of life and people around. If we don’t consider education as just another profit-making proposition, good school thus is one, which has the means to educate a child in every sphere and can work towards an inclusive society. Else after inculcating discrimination in child in his/her formative years, we must not wonder why they become so when they grow up.

In layman’s terms here’s a quick guide to all these actions:

Voluntary Actions: A voluntary action is basically an action which you yourself initiate by your own conscious. For example, to attract the attention of someone across a room, you may want to wave your hand and call out his name. This action is under the control of the will thus is known as a voluntary action.

Reflex Actions: Reflex actions occur without your own conscious. For example Blinking, Blushing, sneezing.

Conditioned Reflex: A conditioned reflex action is a special kind of reflex action which results from the learning from past experiences or particular stimuli which was originally ineffective in producing the response. In other words, they are either inborn reflexes or learnt reflexes. For example, many people salivate at the smell of good food as they had learnt from past experiences that such smell are associated with good food and they have to urge to want to eat them. Other example is tapping of feet on hearing music.

So what’s your take on this?

Free Me…

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Poems, Thoughts

Free Me…I want to fly again
I have to see the sunshine
I have to see the rains
I want to scale the heights
Oh! I want to explore those ever changing skies

Manufacturing Sorrows…

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Poems, Thoughts

Don’t trust them; they’ll cheat you.
Learn to lie; truth doesn’t always take you to the top.
See what you are getting; what it costs is immaterial.
Play with the world; lest you’ll be played around.
Look at those with all means.
Simplicity is just an excuse for being sluggish.

I lied, I mistrusted and I played around.
I learnt how to deceive and cost every count.
I came close to people on high grounds.
I was dazed to see what I was competing for.
Manipulations started from within;
And it was sorrow that I asked for.