Manufacturing Sorrows…

Posted: July 4, 2010 in Poems, Thoughts

Don’t trust them; they’ll cheat you.
Learn to lie; truth doesn’t always take you to the top.
See what you are getting; what it costs is immaterial.
Play with the world; lest you’ll be played around.
Look at those with all means.
Simplicity is just an excuse for being sluggish.

I lied, I mistrusted and I played around.
I learnt how to deceive and cost every count.
I came close to people on high grounds.
I was dazed to see what I was competing for.
Manipulations started from within;
And it was sorrow that I asked for.

  1. raavanan says:

    it is always about ego and materialism….isnt it?
    getting what u want…
    but not what u need………
    good one..;)

  2. anjul2307 says:

    Simple words have the biggest impact 🙂

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