Cloud Seeding and Women Reservation

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Politics, Society
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Our Prime Minister who is an expert in Finance and our Finance Minister who isn’t as adept in finance pray for good monsoon so that inflation problem can be restrained. Instead of that they can opt for cloud seeding and then pray for votes to shower!

Coming to population control problem, all current measures to curb it needs much persuasion and it’s difficult to convince people about it. Many of those who opt for small family are opting for gender specific population control. We are expert in providing reservations and we must use this expertise in controlling population. In this case women must be occupied with work in every field so that they don’t have much time for kids-generation. To save their leaves they will desist from abortions too. Also, since everything will come in office record, they will desist gender-selective abortions to much extent. A perfect way for population control without annoying anyone and generating votes by providing reservation!

And soon India will be a developed country!!!

  1. G C Goswami says:

    I am pretty sure that reservation for women will more harm to than rather than benefit,if it sounds bizzarre see what happen to those who got reservation in India in last sixty years.Have they progressed.Gender population control are more adopted by highly Literatated women looks strange but it is the hard fact.
    If really want to improve the women position than we should try to literate the women and control the population.Be realistic and believe in simple living high thinking.Because consumerism has no end and developed country are facing this problem.

    • Rijuta says:

      This article was a sarcastic presentation of our present political scenario!!!
      On serious note, I completely agree that reservation is about creating illusions of inclusion of subdued groups of our society. Real solution lies in proactive measures to better their situation. But since these proactive measures need sincerity in intention that we lack and we use reservation to keep our conscience clear and that also rings ballot boxes of our leaders!!!

  2. Rijuta says:

    Yes, I certainly was sarcastic. I liked that you think in terms of solutions. That’s the only way to work as mere criticism doesn’t fetch much. Only reservation I’ve is on your last statement.

    • Is it on the statement of minority appeasement? It is a pretty harsh statement friend! I know that. But, so is the reality. I’m sure you very well know what consequences any politician will have to face if he/she talks on population control in “that” community.

      Next, there are problems even with the Hindu community too, in some underdeveloped states of north India like UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Haryana, etc,. There, you don’t have governments running. Khaps rule there and they kill you if you make any statement that makes sense.

      • Rijuta says:

        I completely agree. Reservation was about “as long as muslims are here” phrase. Because it’s more about political maneuvering rather than any particular community.

  3. I’m sure you’re being sarcastic. Else, the solution to the problem can’t be so easy. There are 2 issues here. One, is women’s reservation and the other is population control.

    For the problem of women’s reservation, the motive behind is not to do any good to women, but, to place some dummy candidates in place to carry out benami corrupt activities. This is the plan of some male crooked politicians. This will also meanwhile earn them some votes amongst women. The only way in which we can deal with this is by having a pure libertarian constitution which disallows affirmative action in any of it’s forms or variants.

    The second problem here is about the population control. I don’t think we should have any problem in couples choosing to have more than one child as long as they pay tax on each and every child after the first one. For instance, there’ll be no tax on the first child. But, from second child onwards, we’ll have taxes which the parents have to pay at, say, 25000 INR per year which would increase every year as the child grows. That is how you can control population.

    But, unfortunately, my above solutions are good for some fiction writer or for someone who collects fairy tales. They are just fantascies. As long as muslims are in India, no government can ever dare to talk about population or its’ control.

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