Affluent Streets

Posted: August 7, 2010 in News, Society
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Cap the number of rickshaws as they choke the city roads. It is so difficult to manoeuvre while driving my car. I pay the road tax and so I deserve to have more space. Lesser rickshaw means more people will be on foot. This way we can cultivate healthier lifestyle. It’s healthy for me too but I can afford to go to health clubs. For that reason too I must have faster roads so that I can have more time to spend in these clubs. Lesser rickshaws results in lesser rickshaw-wallahs, that in turn results in lesser slums. I’ve servant quarter in my apartment as I don’t like places that ruin the landscape of the city. If you can’t afford city life, you must stay away from it. You can come and visit once in a while as a tourist. But leave these city roads for those who have forgotten that they are affluent only in comparative terms.

In your absence they may realize that your humbleness is so important to nurture their affluent egos!!!

P.S.: Supreme Court lashed out at Civic agency in Delhi for targeting poor by capping number of rickshaws while growth of motor vehicles remains unchecked. Logical observation I must acknowledge.


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