Not Ready to Vote at 18

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Politics

Are we ready to vote at 18?

There is a protective environment for most till the time of schooling. That means by the time we turn 18 we mostly carry thoughts influenced by our family and school. In school we read facts that are highly politically indifferent in their outlook. Though there is a big political game played around in catering that politically indifferent curriculum! If you are content with your family view point, you like their political ideologies too unquestioningly. If you are a rebel, you choose ideologies diametrically opposite to that of your family. Beyond these two extremes it’s pretty rare that we have any other option to choose from as we find different viewpoints disrespectful and it is considered that you lack devotion if you question your loved ones!!!

We grow older. We see more of this world. At times we even get wiser. But most of the times we have newer influences. Most of these say that if you don’t become one of us, you’ll be excluded. We start following the trend not because of the fear of exclusion, but for the temptations of few material gains. People influence us because they don’t want to feel guilty of being corrupt and we get corrupt as we have perfect excuse to be one. We learn not to question. We learn to accept things as they are. We learn to overlook misdemeanour lest we get entangled in one. We learn so much that we forget who is right and what is right.

I wish we all can unlearn and become 18 again, when we had ideals and passion and fewer manipulations. Family and schools after all aren’t that bad influence!!!

  1. raavanan says:

    For the newer influences……….

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