Evolution to Revolution

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Politics

Evolution helps men survive and Revolution tickles them to feel alive.

Organisms tend to produce more offspring than the environment can support. Traits that ensure organisms are better adapted to their living conditions become more common in descendant populations. More than 99.9% of all species have become extinct since life began over 3,500 million years ago. Human is just one of the species of existing species.

Now, if we see evolution in terms of socio-political systems, then it is about adopting characteristics with change in circumstances in time and in space. Evolution bridges gaps in system and omits undesirable traits, introducing the desirable ones. Systems that evolve continue to exist and those that stop evolving, introduce anarchy. This disequilibrium in system can give rise to revolution through mass mobilization. Revolution changes one system from other, not necessarily for betterment. In fact, every new system brings new problems with it and one day when this newer system starts frustrating the mass, another revolution takes place.

Evolution is a continuos process of change and its visibility is obscure unless reviewed in retrospect. Revolution mostly brings rapid transformation. An event that in the past would not be sufficient to cause a revolution (eg. a riot, a bad harvest, natural calamity) becomes sufficient for revolution. Revolution is brought when only hope that exists is “change”. That is evolution is everyday phenomenon, which when stopped prepares ground for revolution.

So, keep evolving unless you need some spice of revolution!!!

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