I Don’t Like You

Posted: September 26, 2010 in Poems, Thoughts

I don’t like you as I see reflection of my follies in you

It doesn’t make a difference if you do this
It doesn’t matter if you stop doing that
I have decided to hate
And I’ll keep doing that

  1. Djraavanan says:

    OOPs..i just did..sorry… wont happen again…:)

  2. Dilip Sharma says:

    Reflections are mirror images, never the real ‘self ‘….,
    ‘the only self ‘ which ‘The Omnipotent’ recognises is beyond dislike or affection….,
    hence like mirror images, love and hate are mere misty haze….,
    one sided reflections of the multidimensional ‘self’ that ‘The Omnipotent’ made…,
    while images are karmic and earthy, they are a minuscule part of the larger ‘Self ‘…..,
    ‘The Self’ created by ‘The Omnipotent’, is beautiful, all encompassing, strong and capable…,
    of not only absorbing and spitting out all hate like the Shiva himself without being affected…..,
    absorbing all love without swaying out of tune of its karmic blaze…..,
    doing what its destiny sent it to do without rancor joy or sorrow ….,
    unaffected by praise or admonition, insult or celebration……….,
    and yet…’THE SELF’ has the abysmal power and depth of its ‘CREATOR’ itself….
    formless, genderless, fathomless, innate and infinite……
    the punny form ‘THIS SELF’ is encompassed in, may have limitations physical….,
    but neither the body nor any thing finite can never ever separate …
    the spirits of the human body from that all pervading spirit overlooking the cosmos….!!
    Why then the doubts.?….O adventurer…cast forth…harbour to bay and to shores beyond …
    see & experience the sights called….good and bad….by lesser mortal who claim to be the contractors of Gods….
    without ever being depressed or elevated, swayed or moved away from the path of your own karma…..,
    enjoying all shades of the form and environs …always ….detached ……from the mundane!

    All the best.

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