I Will Always be a Human

Posted: October 4, 2010 in Thoughts

One day you say “I am not human”. Humans are selfish, preachers of hatred, manipulative, egotist and your list goes on. In contrast, in all its enormousness, elephant is so gentle. It doesn’t try to dominate other animals and doesn’t encroach their space. I am hence, an elephant!

Animal kills other animals; either tries to dominate or lives in fear. So this animal decides to be a plant. A plant gives so much without contesting for its dominance.

Plants are devoid of any mobility and still keep working. They are living, yet don’t feel alive. Non-living things don’t have to face the anxiety of being cut or being dead. So, the plant becomes inert.

These assumptions may sound ridiculous to you. But I find it amusing especially when I see some people running away from their identities. We forget that our identity is a fact that can’t be done away with. The best we can do is change things that we dislike in ourselves and adopt what we like in others. But there’s a rider. The inherent and defining traits are indispensable!!! In fighting our own identity and failing in our attempt we tend to shower this frustration on others. If you may look upon different aspects without any previous notion, you’ll find that there must be certain things you’ll admire in that identity. Everything has different shades. Choosing the one that suits you might ease your conflicts within you.

Racial and regional identities come with our birth. Gender too is another identity that we have to live with (though sex change procedures are possible but not yet prevalent!). Then there are identities which are seemingly easier to shed. But as witnessed throughout the history, even these can be altered and not shed entirely.

Different genders have different traits not only anatomically or psychologically but socially and as our literary people and general perception say “they are different in their thoughts and abilities too”! Each race has diverse characteristics and so do people from different geographical regions. It’s not about being one better than the other. It’s about different characteristics. It’s about personal likes and dislikes.

If you like an elephant for something, you may adopt that trait. You don’t have to become an elephant!

You are born human and will remain so!!!

  1. djraavanan says:

    You are concerned with the differences in people…
    You don’t see how similar each person is to another..
    Humans created religions, religions created Gods.
    Humans, Religions and Gods divided Mother Earth.

    You have to break-free from the naive reality…try this…

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  3. Rohit says:

    Kudos Rijuta! The inherent beast in the homo sapiens species is more dangerous than any other animal in the wild. It’s not just the elephant, any other animal, for that matter doesn’t harm another living being with a sense of mens rea.

    Even a tiger, when it’s not hungry, doesn’t harm a deer that passes in front of it. But, homo sapiens, irrespective of his sufficiency, behaves like a predator and makes sure he makes himself the most dominant species.

    Certainly, there is a lot that we all have to learn from animals. It’s rather unfortunate, but, I would say, “Animals are the true torch bearers of humanity”.

    Once again, I would say, this is a very well articulated collection of thoughts! Keep it up!

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