My Perception of Policing in a Democracy

Posted: November 16, 2010 in Society

Police Department is chiefly established for law enforcement and crime prevention and detection. It is authorized to maintain the peace, safety, and order of the community. But as awareness towards one’s right in today’s democratic set-up is enhancing, traditional form of policing is creating public-police friction. Democracies advocate for welfare state and policing too needs to realign itself on the same principal to gain trust and work efficiently through inclusiveness as people’s apathy is proved to be a big deterrent in effective policing.

There is lack of understanding of law in public that many times become a reason to doubt law enforcement agencies but this mistrust has its root in real experiences too. Police is vested with power to discharge their duty effectively. But this power is misused much often to benefit some or to bully or simply to soothe bruised egos. This misuse increases in proportion to lack of awareness and poverty. We all are equal before law but this proposition becomes farcical the way these laws are enforced. Uniformity of approach takes backseat quite many times, which gives an impression that police is for powerful only. The whole setup is such that it seems hard to believe that there could be an honest cop. These honest cops both get demoralised after some time and accept the system as it is or they become inert in discharging their duty so that they save themselves the agony of being corrupt. In either case indifference grows within the force.

Policing is not just another job. Along with it comes a responsibility. In a democratic setup, it gives opportunity to serve the community and in the time of crisis it brings much appreciation too from the people. Police is like a guardian people look up to, to feel secure. In usual, normal circumstances policing job is still tougher as this is the time when their work is not much visible and they are subject to criticism. But as in a family, we expect much from our guardians and their little indifference brings displeasure within, so does happen with police. And when guardian favours the strong and flays the weak, fear follows giving rise to discontent and anarchy is the general consequence.

Crimes and discrepancies in a society can’t be done away with but policing needs to be such that it instils fear in wrong-doer and faith in good citizens. It should be inclusive and uniform for all in its performance of duty and deterrent yet reformative for criminals.

Many of these positive changes that are conducive to present state have been brought in police force but these need much swiftness. In our democracy rather than policing I would like to witness community-policing in near future.

P.S.: It’s one of my essay-submission!!!

  1. Djraavanan says:

    Police is a trained mob working with the help of commercial institutions called “courts”. Do u really believe presence of police can prevent crimes, or maintain order in society? It is people who maintain the order and constitute the democracy. 99% of nations in the world are ruled not by democracy..but by oligarchy.
    In this world Money is the God and humans are ruled by it. Laws are created when u have a problem..there r not solutions. Its like witnessing one slip down a slippery road and placing a board saying “Don’t Walk Here”. Instead one should just pave the road so that the problem is solved. Politicians and Corporates r using the same law created by man to wage wars, cut trees and oppress the weak.
    I remember a scene from the movie Deewar, Shashi Kapoor chasing a robber and shooting him down..later to be discovered its was a kid who stole roti for his starving parents.
    It is the system that create crimes.
    WTF? “Police is like a guardian people look up to, to feel secure.” Ridiculious..sheer Idiocracy… When police exploits a person they already know that he is insecure. They only exploit the insecure..they cant touch the ones who r secure.
    Policing “is” just another “job”. Your title is “My Perception” Obviously, you never have been arrested..
    “But as in a family, we expect much from our guardians and their little indifference brings displeasure within, so does happen with police. And when guardian favours the strong and flays the weak, fear follows giving rise to discontent and anarchy is the general consequence.”
    r u saying that the “little indifference” made police to beat victims to death and rape women. Google “Police Brutality”
    Second understand what Anarchy is…
    When u write an article.pls don’t guess..This article is filled with assumptions. Research and Investigate..then u write facts to inform or educate. Provide some evidence or reference to support ur theory. Or some stupid might really believe what u r saying..

    • Rijuta says:

      I didn’t forget the police brutality while writing this article. But along with that I also kept myself reminded that there are parents too, who go to most devilish extent with their kids…

      I generally choose to consider positive aspects and it suits me and soothes me.

      Those who choose to believe it, may be categorized as stupid… but if one is happy with that tag, it’s fine. I am one of those eternal fool and I love being that 🙂

      Your views are posted here, those who choose to go by that too are most welcome to believe so.

      Have different views but please be careful with words that you choose to express them and be try to be little more respectful 🙂

      • Djraavanan says:

        Take it easy..:)

        Keep Writing…:):)..You will better..:):)..

        Respect should be earned not demanded…:)

        • Rijuta says:

          I thought you won’t understand still I tried!!!
          I didn’t ask for respect for myself… I asked for a respectful expressions on this forum… Anyways ciaos for the time being.

  2. Rohit says:

    Mamus are basically a politician controlled mafia in khakhi uniform. They are all corrupt to core carrying bellies like six month pregnant women.

    They can’t even walk properly and forget about chasing offenders. They take advantage of ignorance of law among common people and resort to extortion of money.

    Basically, cops are state sponsored rapist gangs stationed in their “Thanas”. They are like dogs wagging their tails at their politician bosses.

  3. Rohit says:

    We can start seeing some change in the mamus once we make them report to the armed forces. We need to completely do away with the home ministry and give full powers to the defense ministry and armed forces to control law and order.

    Law and order shouldn’t be controlled by the government and army should only be answerable to the judiciary in matters of law enforcement.

    Usage of force on “individuals” should be completely banned (Like “Third Degree” interrogations) and army should have powers to use full force including firing indiscriminately at unlawful assemblies.

    Only then, we can see some discipline in the country.

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