When I Got Stuck!!!

Posted: November 25, 2010 in Thoughts

Let me take the liberty of alluding hows and whys of this story. It’s just about getting stuck in my own windings.

Leaving aside the hows and when as I am still struggling to find the reason. In fact now I am in way sure enough to say that there is no sane reason that exists for getting struck. But then who can claim to remain sane throughout one’s life?

It’s an irony of real life. You change around and within but time shows that you come back where you start. Change appears to be stagnating and you tear your hair looking for the outcome of changes that you made with so much enthusiasm. End result – loss of hair!!!

I was still left with some hair and so decided not to give up so easily. I took up the task to instil the changes, this time with new approach. It was thrilling and I was so proud of myself. All was going almost perfect. Alas! One day I looked for the manifestation of the alterations that you put through with much fervour. Oh! I was standing on the start line again, with fading memory and most of my hair lost.

I don’t know if it was this repeatedly distressing realization or this is what people call aging. May be both are one and the same thing. Whatever it is, I am preserving my remaining hair and sharpening my memory to work out the next change!!!


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