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Oil mafia alone was not responsible. Some people in administration are dishonest and those aware of this happening were indifferent.

Most of us don’t wish such things to happen but most of the times we close our eyes to our own actions that leads to such crimes. Even after it happens we look for immediate culprit forgetting how all of us have contributed towards it.

We don’t have to become Angels. All we need is to become Human and Humanity lies in compassion.


I am not authority on what love is. I can’t even claim to have this emotion all the times. Life at times become mechanical and everything seems like happening on its own. No thoughts, no emotions touch me then. There is no pain or hurt either as others sufferings don’t move me. Everything just keeps on happening without disturbing me. But I get restless in such times as I realize that I don’t even love myself in these moments of mechanization. I cry when I am sad or hurt. But there is no desperation in these cries as it motivates me to act. When I love myself I love YOU and when I love YOU, I love myself even more!!!

These days I am reading about Hindu radicals quite often. They say they are avenging terrorist’s act. Retaliation is one of the basic human reactions. But how are we avenging demonstrates our characteristics. A mosque must be targeted as Hindu temple is targeted. It sounds logical conclusion to them. But what about the people who get killed or suffer otherwise due to these attacks? They might be of different religions but they still are people who weren’t involved in any of these attacks. Radical Muslims too do the same in the name of saving their religious identity. Is becoming the same that we want to revenge against, provide any solution? I am not seeing it happening. What we are witnessing today is that, it simply starts a cycle that never seizes.

Love for one thing can never be the reason to hate other thing. If this happens, then it is the case of strayed emotions that creates an illusion of love. A person in love can only feel love as Love breeds Love!!!

2010 in review

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