It’s Impossible to Love just One Person at a Time

Posted: January 11, 2011 in Views

I am not authority on what love is. I can’t even claim to have this emotion all the times. Life at times become mechanical and everything seems like happening on its own. No thoughts, no emotions touch me then. There is no pain or hurt either as others sufferings don’t move me. Everything just keeps on happening without disturbing me. But I get restless in such times as I realize that I don’t even love myself in these moments of mechanization. I cry when I am sad or hurt. But there is no desperation in these cries as it motivates me to act. When I love myself I love YOU and when I love YOU, I love myself even more!!!

These days I am reading about Hindu radicals quite often. They say they are avenging terrorist’s act. Retaliation is one of the basic human reactions. But how are we avenging demonstrates our characteristics. A mosque must be targeted as Hindu temple is targeted. It sounds logical conclusion to them. But what about the people who get killed or suffer otherwise due to these attacks? They might be of different religions but they still are people who weren’t involved in any of these attacks. Radical Muslims too do the same in the name of saving their religious identity. Is becoming the same that we want to revenge against, provide any solution? I am not seeing it happening. What we are witnessing today is that, it simply starts a cycle that never seizes.

Love for one thing can never be the reason to hate other thing. If this happens, then it is the case of strayed emotions that creates an illusion of love. A person in love can only feel love as Love breeds Love!!!

  1. djraavanan says:

    I’ll start with the infamous question of “what is love?”
    Often people use such words which are hard-to-define, The definitions of such words change from person to person..such as God, Dignity, Success..etc. Words are used to define words which need other words to define itself. So where is the accurate definition of a word? When you say love, is it the couple’s love-making love that you are referring? or the eternal love of nature or God? What are you actually referring to?
    What you feel is real and you have the authority to speak about Love…You have been loved before…by your parents. Parent’s love is anyone’s first love. Everyone craves for Human touch, attention, care, companionship..that is Human is a human need. We need that feeling..that feeling we lost as growing as adults..we just wish we feel that again from someone somewhere.
    I love your title..yet if i could modify it, i would make it as “It is possible to love more than one person at a time”. In fact love is a self-initiated feeling so you can love anyone at a time….You can affect your love to your loved ones…Not all will be affected though. Its worth trying what else is better to do?
    The state you defined in your first paragraph is called ” being Comfortably Numb” and You ARE desperate. We all are..

    Honey, it is not the problem of your readers but infact you have talked about two distinct topics in a single article. How do you connect them?
    and again you are committing huge errors. When you say “Muslims”, you dragged the entire muslims in to it..You can use “Radical Muslims”.
    “But how are we avenging demonstrates our characteristics.”
    “WE?” You mean Hindus including you. Read the sentence again. It sounds like you asking them to mind the characteristics demonstrating while avenging is okay.
    “A mosque must be targeted as Hindu temple is targeted. It sounds logical conclusion.” there are serious syntactical errors. “is” can be used for “must be” and “It sounds a logical conclusion to them” unless you are also a Hindu Radical..Are you?

    • Rijuta says:

      Thanks as I made two editions which made the article more clear.

      I’ll still stick to the title as the one you assumed doesn’t reflect my perception. You didn’t get what the author wanted to convey. There could be lesser clarity of expression and we surely see people from different prisms.

      Let me share this with you…

      “I don’t like that man. I must get to know him better. ~Abraham Lincoln”
      I believe this quote. Still many times I dislike few people. You are one of them. I am sorry for that. Your comments even when you try to praise disturb me as you assume what I am thinking which is most of the time is contrary to my beliefs. But I understand that everyone perceive other according to their own perception. That’s why I believe it’s better not to perceive others. Then again I can’t make rules for others as it’s not that what I think is the only way to think. And I shouldn’t be disturbed just because someone refuse to understand and insist on having his/her own perception about me.

      I am happy now as I am not having that “dislike”… let’s see if you manage to bring that on again you write back!!!

      • djraavanan says:

        How can i assume anything about you? I don’t know you.. Any information i have about you is from your blog. My perception is only about what is written and thus I’ve to question your intelligence. And why did you dislike me? You too don’t know me. I too can’t make rules of perceptions about me for you.
        “That’s why I believe it’s better not to perceive others.” Come-on.. You use words like we, our, them, their, people..etc. How do you manage not to perceive others and still write about others?
        Nobody likes their intelligence questioned but your replies are filled contradictions. You are keen to display your weaknesses than your strengths.
        Did i manage to bring that dislike?..How about this? Oh..Rijuta, You are Fantastic..Your article is superb..this is the masterpiece of this century…Oh please like me…please…

        • Rijuta says:

          You tried but either I am in a very fine mood or I am over it :)… On serious note it was more of annoyance rather than dislike and it was my own doing…
          What I write is about flow of my thoughts in some context which could be at times under conceptualization… contradiction will last till I live…
          It’s not possible (at least for me) not to perceive others…when someone tell me why I am this or that, I don’t mind unless that someone start insisting on that. I somehow felt that way with you. You could be doing all that for some other reason but I perceived it that way and got irritated :)…the moment my saner side took over I got fine again and will remain so till it is overthrown again… so again contradictions are bound to happen with me… more so as I don’t want to claim intellect as intellect makes my life difficult 🙂

  2. K says:

    The veritable life of our emotions is quite intermittent. When we love someone, we dont love them in exactly the same way from moment to moment. It is an impossibility, a lie even to pretend to. Yet this is exactly what most of us demand. We have so little faith in ebb and flow of life that we leap at the flow of tide and resist in terror its ebb. We are afraid it will never return. We insist on permanancy, continuity and duration when the only continuity possible in life as in love is in growth, fluidity and freedom.

    Not sure it is related, but felt like posting.


    • Rijuta says:

      Though it’s not related to what I posted but there was something in your post that got registered in my thoughts. Thanks for posting it. Also it’s another aspect of the same thing I wrote about 🙂

  3. Aakash gaur says:

    thanks to give a nice fact and feelings to read it and learn it..!!

  4. Niraj Bahadur Pal says:

    This is right that a person can be in love with different persons at a time……ofcourse love is what which will comes only when someone really touches you with your emotions and most important understand and feel the feeling which you really feel at the time…..and you are with a person who loves you but cannot give you that self contentment which you really want so there’d be two things you are in love with someone mentally and with the other one by heart…….and when someone move on and left you alone it’s another case as you feel deprived and lonely and at the moment when someone come and heal your wounds and getting cozy with you with the passage of time and get more attached with you that you can’t put your mind out of him/her is a love which generates warmness and kind and this lasts long with a bit tiff of the last wound but we cannot predict anything coz who knows when heart starts beating……

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