Revolution of Self

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Honesty

Most of us can recall the story even today. But most of us can only recall its words, forgetting its essence even while narrating it to kids.

Today our dishonesty has made us untrustworthy and we still wonder why there is so much of mistrust around. The shepherd boy did it for fun; we do it for various other reasons. Before teaching our children we need to learn the lessons of honesty ourself.

The whole present generation needs a change, a “Revolution of Self” to have a better generation ahead.

  1. Rijuta says:

    I too believe that we need to get in touch with ourself first to bring any change or understand better. There are many teachings in everyday’s happenings or a person(s). All are GURU in a way. But one learns only when one’s ready to receive those teachings.

  2. Aakash gaur says:

    i believe that everybody have his/her own GURU inside them all..!! who better understand them and guide properly.. need to awake yourself from inside..!!

  3. G C Goswami says:

    Revolution of self start from the understanding of our ultimate destination.For that you need GURU and rest of the things will follow you

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