Future Generation: What are You Teaching Your Child Today?

Posted: February 2, 2011 in Honesty
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I hand over little goodies to my child’s school bus driver/conductor and convince myself that I am doing it out of generosity. That bus waits if my kid is little late but refuses to do so for other kids.

If my gesture was out of generosity, why does this generosity is showered only for those who can favour me? What my child will learn from this?

He’ll see no harm in bribing as it’ll be an act to seek favours for him and this is what he has learnt since childhood.

When somebody else does similar things and we are disfavoured, we complain of CORRUPTION.

P.S.:- There are very little things that provides base of our next generation. Children learn what we practice. Mould your actions according to what kind of future generation you wish to see.


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