Violence is Precursor of Non-violence

Posted: April 15, 2012 in Politics

Discontent breeds unrest and unrest breeds violence- in thoughts, in words and in action. There can never be a peaceful society with widespread oppression. Non-violent protest is an ideal solution but oppressed minds are never ideal. Ideals are always followed by less-oppressed or peripheral observers. People living in most unidealistic conditions follow means which aid them in their immediate survival. Capacity to think beyond fulfilling their basic needs is oppressed along with threat to their mere survival.


Fear of loss of identity and existence imparts aggression but this fight of survival is labelled revolt. And after labelling it so, establishment gets the excuse to strike back with enhanced suppression, now blurring the lines between repression and vengeance. More revolutionaries are created in turn and their number increases with every strike. One day establishment finds itself vulnerable and it switches on its sympathy mode, becoming self proclaimed sympathizer of oppressed and preachers of non-violence. Now revolutionaries are painted with blood, marking those butchers!


This is an inevitable cycle of an oppressive regime. Their egos don’t allow them to listen to legitimate demands of revolting group even when they are on slippery grounds. Fringe players who till now were left unheard, take their seats in front. They still are in touch with their intellect. They now have better negotiating power to get their demands met by an arrogant establishment, which is in sympathetic mode and seemingly more willing to concede without appearing to be weak so as to give in to violence. Non-violence lets them keep their egos intact and they may conveniently presume themselves to be people-oriented establishment in this set-up.


Non-violence wins, people feels their demands are met, intellectuals are congratulated and honoured, establishment praises itself and everyone forgets revolutionaries. Nobody complains till the next revolution starts!!!


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