Restrains can’t become solutions

Posted: January 25, 2013 in Society, Thoughts

I restrain myself from wearing gold. But there are days when I can’t resist myself from wearing it.
I resist from keeping valuables at home. But at times it happens that I fail to visit bank and those valuables remain at home.
(Banks too are generally safe. But there safety too has been breached some times.)
I try to keep vigil so that nobody cheats me. But at times mistrusting everyone becomes tiring.
I try to refrain from altercations. But at times my voice too is raised and someone may nurture grudge against me.

What if someone loots me or steals or cons or even murder me? Will, the one who does this isn’t blamed as I was the one who called for the trouble? I haven’t witnessed this happening in such instances. Then why this blame shifts on me when I am raped?

P.S.:- All these restrains and vigil are inversely proportional to law & order efficacy i.e. greater vigilance and restrains are called for from individuals when the law & order is poorer. Ignoring this deterioration in law & order aspect, blaming a rape victim is societal aspect. Our law enforcers uses it because we as society nurture this thought-process.


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