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वो प्यार था

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Poems

1) खुद न आ, अपनी यादें तो हम तक पहुँचने दे
कई रोज़ हुए, भूले हैं मुहब्बत कैसी होती है

2) मुहब्बत की कचेहरी में क़ाज़ी की दरकार कहाँ
जिरह भी मुहब्बत, फैंसला भी मुहब्बत

3) तुझे सामने बुलाऊँ क्या, तुझ पे भी तो सवाल हैं
आंसुयो से जंग छिड़ी हुई, दिल का होना बस ख्याल है

4) ये तूने क्या बात कही, हमने तो थी छुपा रखी
नही, वो तेरा ही कोई ख्याल रहा होगा
कोई नही जानता मेरे सिवा, उस दिल के हाल

5) गर बातों में ही हो जाती मुहब्बत
तो तूने भी कितना कहा था
और मैं भी कहाँ चुप रही थी

6) कल जो किया तुमसे, वो प्यार था
आज फिर कैसे, मैं बेरंग हुई

7) गम को गले से लगाएँ, तो लगाएँ कैसे
इश्क मेरा मुझे, बहुत देर रोने नही देता

8) इश्क ना कर, कहते हैं डूब जाएगा
साहिलो पे रह के भी कभी, समन्दर पार हुआ है

9) इश्क हुआ तो है मगर, कुछ ऐसे हुआ
दिल तार-तार है और सब कहें, हैं साज़ सजे हुए


दर्द का सौदा

Posted: April 29, 2013 in Poems

1) फिर आज मुझे तू यकीन दिला, मेरा डर बस एक वहम है
इंसानो कि बस्ती का खौफ, ले जा रहा मुझे फिर वीरानो में

2) ये वो हसरतें ही हैं, जिन पर मैंने कभी सुकून वारा था
हसरतों का कफन लपेटे, उसी सुकून कि मैय्यत पड़ी है

3) खुशी की जिद नहीं, गम ही दे तू मेरे हिस्से में
कुछ आँसू बहें तो, जज़्बात जिंदा रहेंगे

4) सामान तो तूने जुटा लिए अपनी सांसें चलाने को
जिंदा रहना काफी है क्या, ज़िन्दगी बिताने को

5) दर्द का सौदा ऐसा बुरा भी नही है
सभी खरीदार ना सही, बाँटना चाहता हर कोई है

कुछ रोज़ हुए,
हवा ऐसी चली
बदल कर हमे वो,
जाने किस गली मुड़ी
हम धूप में खड़े झुलस रहे
शायद हवा वो फिर चले

पल-पल में ना आंको मुझे,
हर पल में हूँ बदल रही
तेरा शब्दो में मुझे यूँ तराशना
जैसे बेड़ियों में मुझे है बाँधना
नही फिर से वही बन पाऊँगी
वक्त वो कभी का गुजर गया

Reproducing a conversation on whether there is need to check these sites. No edition is done, simple copy-paste 🙂

Today read an article on pornography sites. (Freedom that must have limits in newspaper, “The Hindu”). Sexual freedom and erotica are good things. So why were these sites didn’t seem fine? After long I realized what exactly was uncomfortable about these sites. What they are serving is sexual violence, child abuse, encouragement of posting real life abuses of victimization and off-guard individuals. In short it is serving counter-eroticism. Violence and abuse can never be erotic and rather than bringing sexual freedom, they bring sexual oppression that reflects on mindset of people who consider these kind of oppression as an act of pleasure.

MG (A friend):-
It may be one perspective, but BDSM is very acceptable and practiced by many. BDSM brings newness to the concept of erotica and is definitely more vibrant. It’s just that many people fear change and view BDSM as violent or heinous. However I agree that pedophilia and real-life abuse/victimization is unacceptable. But “so-called” violence in form of BDSM is a very different concept, and I see no point in opposing it.

BDSM- Referred Wikipedia to know the term. I realize that this kind of role playing can be erotic to some. That’s why I said I was confused earlier about the discomforting factor. Discomfort comes in the fact that many irresponsible people, rather than finding a willing partner practice this role-playing with people who they could dominate and find pleasure (I prefer to call it sadistic pleasure) in the real resistance. They see it just an extension of BDSM. Nothing is good or bad in itself. But irresponsibility is too prevalent to be overlooked.
We check what influence something might have on our children. In similar way, what a society is being served in general has to be censured at times just because many in this society are not mature enough to understand the piece of knowledge/ information/ whatever. Here lies my agreement in checking this sexual freedom. (I didn’t say banning, but checking of free availability and yes complete ban on encouragement to posting of real life abuses and catching someone unaware and child abuse). It’s good to see that you put your thoughts across on the issue as most avoid talking about it.

I completely agree with the fact that real life/child/unaware abuse are not at all acceptable. But I respectfully differ that BDSM is even remotely connected to sadistic pleasure. Uninformed and half-knowledged people have ruined the beautiful art form of BDSM and degraded it. I cant explain to you, but I can assure you that people associate violence and sadism with BDSM, but it is completely different.
Coming to the main issue, ban on pornography (I prefer to call it intimate art form) is also not justified. Our Indian culture was rich with erotica. The cave carvings of different love positions, the ultimate love making book KS, various exotic dance forms (lost over the period). We even had Deity for it-Kamadeva and beautiful representation of Shiva in form of Lingam called ShivaLinga. History apart, it is an art form, be it in multimedia format or print format or even in literature format. While restriction of such content can be ensured by making laws so that age inappropriate audience does not have access to it, there is no need to completely ban it. It is a form of entertainment nonetheless. People might say it is morally wrong, while disagreeing witg this statement, I would like to ask such people what is morality? Can Indians (Majority) have any right to talk about morality given the present state? Where majority of society is drenched in ancient rigid patriarchal system, I believe, morality (as I understand) has been long lost in Indian Society. Where the P.M. makes a statement that legalizing same-sex marriage in Norway is to be looked down and a matter of shame, in a nation where there is a long long history and culture of homosexuality from the times of Mahabharat and even before.
Long story short, erotica is not to be looked down upon or considered to be a sin, and there is no need to criminalise it.

My second line says “Sexual freedom and erotica are good things”. I believe that and that’s why I was confused on why pornography has to be banned. And pornography isn’t a derogatory word at all in itself. No where I put my personal likes or dislikes. But I agreed on restricted access as you yourself have asked for. Refer last bracketed statement in my previous comment “(I didn’t say banning, but checking of free availability and yes complete ban on encouragement to posting of real life abuses and catching someone unaware and child abuse)”. Please read what I wrote again. I am sure you overlooked many things and assumed many others. Else you wouldn’t have find the need to quote history and present situation. In fact you too in your comment are agreeing to restricted access of these material. Ignorant mind finding distortion is most likely and hence I favoured this restriction. Not that it has to do something with morals.

I had read your status update in detail. I think u misunderstood me. I was not referring to you, I was just putting my point, which fortunately, is almost similiar to ur viewpoint. That is why I have used the word “people”. All I was doing was just adding to what you already said. I really appreciate that you started this discussion, which many people consider taboo, and I thank you for having an open mind and a mature view. People supporting the ban are just bunch of immature ill-informed people.

I included myself in people . I was wondering though that how you are saying the same thing while overlooking what I already said. Now that confusion rests. But I would add that even the people who are asking for ban aren’t necessarily immature ill-informed just because we don’t agree with them. May be they feel that restriction many times turns out to be no check and that’s why they are asking for complete ban. And practically speaking, ideally what should be the case is many times hard to implement. With lack of infrastructure to keep check (as it needs mature and responsible administration and we are right now in a transient phase as a society. Please don’t read it as my displeasure with administration as they too think in a way we all in general think.), these people must have seen the ease in implementing complete ban.

While I mostly agree with you, I would like to point out that pragmatism was initially complimentary to idealism. Whenever achieving idealism seemed “Impossible”, pragmatism was used as a last resort. Unfortunately because of mass procrastination, pragmatism has become the first approach and no effort to achieve idealism, even closer to idealism, is being made. That is exactly the rationale behind the use of word “immature ill-informed”. Having studied software engineering, I disagree that keeping control is not possible. Government has complete control over ISP and restriced access is not only possible, but is also quite simple. Resorting to pragmatism without ever attempting to come near to idealism, is uncalled for. The access over television and print media is relatively quite easy vis a vis internet (which is also very simple)

I completely endorse what you say . It’s a sad fact that selective frenzy plays defining role in governance and daily conduct of our social life.

सच और शिकायतें

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Poems

1) रात है, चिराग सारे बुझा दो
सच मेरे, रोशनियों से झिझकते हैं

2) रूबरू हैं तेरे, सच तो न बोल पाएँगे
क्या कहे ऐसा तुझे, के झूठ भी ना लगे

3) सच ही तो है, सच भी भ्रम है
कई कहानियाँ ख़ुद पर आज भी यकीन कराती हैं

4) आज ख़ुद कि ही शिकायत की है मैंने
सज़ा चाहती हूँ कि चैन मिले

5) आज किस-किस की शिकायत करूँ
के हर शिकायत कि मुजरिम मैं ही हूँ

6) महफिल में तो सब के बीच रहने दो हमें
जज़्बातो में बह कर सबको रुसवा कर जाएँगे

7) कोई तो समझाओ मुझे चुप रहने को
यूँ दिल कि बातें सरेआम बताते नहीं हैं

8) आँखों पे तो परदे गिरा दें, जुबां भी दगाबाज़ नहीं
ये दिल ही है जो जज्बातों को लगाम नहीं देता

9) कहाँ कोई चाहिए ज़ख्मों को सहलाने को
चंद आंसू दे बस कोई मेरे ज़ख्मों पे बहाने को